Patty’s Tshirt Memory Quilt for Graduation

Patty’s daughter is going to get a fun, funky t-shirt quilt for her graduation! Patty picked out her own fabrics for the sashing, cornerstones, outside border, binding and backing. Here’s the stack of T-shirts waiting to be interfaced and blocked. Take a look at this custom air brushed shirt of Patty’s daughter. Isn’t that awesome? […]

Four Patch Posie Supreme Quilt

My online quilting guild went nuts over the Four Patch Posie quilt pattern recently and for good reason!  Now the author has come out with a Four Patch Posie Supreme.  When I saw Ruthie’s last year at my annual retreat I fell in LOVE! Judy made a nice one too. The pattern is a variation […]

Stripey Dotted Roses & Another Peep At Sandy’s Monkeys!

You’ve heard of a progressive dinner, right? Well, this next beauty is a bit like a progressive quilting project. Jen made this from a quilt kit she bought in Paducah and really loved the irregular border.  It is another good example showing how to mix stripes and dots, isn’t it? I did an all over […]

Queen Sized T-Shirt Quilt for a Sporty Guy

This is the t-shirt quilt made for Kris’ son. He is an athlete with talent in a variety of sports. She’s got t-shirts of his in there from basketball, soccer, and baseball. But there are also t-shirts showing how smart this young man is as well. The most impressive one is a t-shirt from a […]

Purses Quilt & Non-Traditional Baby Quilt

Sarah's Purses Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Sarah’s purses quilt is finished!  Yeah! I tried to take photos of the purses but the background filler on the white fabric is freaking my camera out and the stitches aren’t showing.  You can, however, see the daisy chain in the inner pink border. This quilt was so much fun to work on and I […]

Purses Quilt & More Girly Fun!

Purses Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

I’ve got Sarah’s purses quilt loaded and I’ve been looking forward to doing this top since I first saw it. She paper pieced the handbags and will put a button on each purse where the closure would be. My daughter REALLY likes this quilt! I’ve put a different background filler in each column of purses. […]

Curly Feathered Wreaths

Curly Feathered Wreaths on Irish Chain quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

I was able to make a ton of progress on Jennie Beth’s Irish Chain today. I’m down to putting the feathered wreaths in those plain squares. This style of curled feathers is so much fun to make! Can you see the wavy lines moving through the chains? Here’s some eye candy of the progress. I’m […]

Lone Star Quilt Corner Blocks

Star Conerstones

I still don’t have a wide shot of the Susan’s Lone Star quilt- it is HUGE!  The best part is all the open space I have to play in on her quilt. The outside border has these incredibly well made stars.  I’ve never been brave enough to piece something like this. The most impressive part […]

Lone Star Feathered Points

Lone Star quilt

I’ve got this beautiful lone star on the frame right now. I love the combination of batiks with the other fabric motifs. The lone star has a great contemporary feel, doesn’t it? I’ve finished the stitch-in-the-ditch work on the whole top, and I have done one of the star sections with a curling feather. It […]

Jubilee Tree

Jubilee Tree by Clothworks

I got another top done! The center of the quilt is a panel called “Jubilee Tree” by Clothworks.  I adapted a pattern distributed by the manufacturer which was going to be difficult to reproduce consistently and, therefore, difficult to teach.  I’ll be teaching this top as a class in September.  It will be a great […]

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Bug Jar Quilt Boy Quilt

Linda finished another bug jar quilt.  My kids love it when I work on bright novelty quilts like this.  I did a meandering butterfly with a few dragonflies thrown in.  The frog on the top will get a button eye.   Linda made this quilt for her grandson.  Lucky, lucky boy!  Perfect boy quilt, don’t […]

Noah’s Ark

Panel Quilt

Here’s a baby quilt I finished for a new client. She is giving it to her itty bitty great grandson. Lucky boy!      I really liked how she elevated the center panel with her pieced pinwheel blocks. The fabric uses storm clouds as a theme. It is a perfect companion block! Quilted Joy Blog […]

Quilt Rescue

Vintage double wedding ring quilt in need of rescue

This double wedding ring quilt top is in pretty bad shape – you can see how frayed the edges are. It belongs to my cousin. I’ve stay-stitched the edges to stabilize the top so that I could wash it. I was hoping some of the stains would come out, but they are set in. I’ve done […]

Portrait Block

Photo Transfer Fabric T-shirt Quilt

    This is the centerpiece of the T-shirt quilt I’m fabricating this week. The quilt is a graduation present and the center block is this photo transfer specialty block. It showcases her daughter’s senior photo with some photos of her as a little girl. Isn’t that a great idea? This will be a treasured […]

Stitched Memories

T shirt quilt with scout badges

I’m working on a T-shirt quilt right now. My client brought me 23 shirts to use as blocks. I’ve prepared those and I’m piecing those rows together today. It is going to look GREAT. The quilt itself will be a 25 block quilt, of which two are specialty blocks. The center block will be a […]

Sleepy Field of Flowers

Floral Sampler Quilt

This quilt is from a new client and it reminds me of a sleepy field of flowers. Its watercolor palate is very calming, isn’t it?                   My client is a relatively new quilter and has a friend that owns a quilt shop. Her friend’s quilt shop is […]

Blue Double Wedding Ring

Blue Double Wedding Ring quilt

The latest quilt on the frame is this beautiful blue scrappy double wedding ring. The woman who pieced this quilt unfortunately passed away unexpectedly. Her family is getting this top quilted, and it is humbling to be given this opportunity.  She had already marked it for quilting but was going to do it by hand, […]

Stained Glass Rose

Stained Glass Quilt, Rose Quilt

This quilt was made by my client who also did the baby fish quilt. The stained glass design is an original! It is a wedding gift, and the couple who open this gem will have a lovely wall hanging to commemorate their big day. She specifically asked me to treat her creation as a regular […]

Four Patch Posie

Four patch posie quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

The Four Patch Posie craze overtook my online quilt guild. This top is going to be a wedding present. Isn’t it amazing how you can cut up one piece of fabric and get so many interesting kaleidoscope designs for the blocks? I had a few ideas of thread choices for the top. A quilt with all […]

Moda Jelly Roll Strip Quilt

Moda jelly roll design quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

My client, Rhonda, made this quilt at one of our Nimble Thimble guild classes.  It is a strip quilt using a Moda Jelly Roll.                                                              Didn’t […]

Background Texture

mctavishing on applique blocks

I spent my weekend doing McTavishing in the background of 12 applique blocks. Next up are feathers on the outside borders. I plan on adding petals to the blossom you see, as well as veins in the leaves. Quilted Joy Blog Stop by for design inspiration, quilting options and pricing on new or used […]