Design Stage for Custom Quilt

Did you see the photos in my last post about the maroon and blue dresden plate with basket blocks? This is Kathy’s quilt and she wanted it custom quilted. The first thing I did was take a photo of it and then I brought that photo into a photo editing software program. I used Photoshop […]

Ribbon Curtains and Custom Applique quilt In Progress

I needed some type of curtain for the tiny windows that are in my new basement studio. I wish I had massive windows in there but I’m grateful for the small bit of sunlight they let in. I decided I needed to display all of the ribbons our family has won for quilting and tried […]

New York Beauty Design Possibilities

A friend made this fantastic New York Beauty. She used a foundation fabric for this heirloom and I think If I ever get the nerve to try to piece this pattern I’ll do that as well. It looks like it helped keep all those bias edges tamed. I have been working up some different designs […]

On the Frame: Irish Chain

I love an Irish Chain that gives me room to play! Here’s the Irish Chain currently on my frame. The border has mirrored hearts. The blocks also feature hearts with a curl design that comes out of the meandering vine through the chain. Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design inspiration, quilting options and […]

On the frame today and on the bed today

Take a look at the Bella Bella quilt I’m doing for Sarah. Jaw dropping! I’ve also been enjoying peeking at this sleeping beauty today! Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design inspiration, quilting options and pricing on new or used APQS quilting machines.

Case Study Part 2: LeAnn’s Amish Sampler Medley Quilt

  Yesterday I shared part 1 of this case study so you could see the design choices she selected. Now we’ll look at the next step. Here’s the quilt. I took a photos of the quilt and brought it into Photoshop so I could drawn on the photo. This lets me audition placement and gives […]

Case Study: LeAnn’s Amish Sampler Quilt

I met LeAnn at the AQS Lancaster show last year. She stopped by the APQS booth and chatted about machines for a bit. LeAnn asked me if I would quilt an Amish sampler she and her daughter started when she was in fourth grade!  Her daughter is about to graduate from college so LeAnn thought it was […]

More of Linda’s Hankie Obsession

Have you missed me? 🙂 We’ve been on vacation. More about that later, though. Right now I thought you’d like to see some progress photos of Linda’s Hankie Ladies. I’m in love with the cross hatched scallops on the outer border. It is so feminine and works so well with the softness of the quilt. […]

Linda’s Hankie Obsession

Take a look at this incredible calendar hankie quilt created and designed by Linda. She used hankies from her mother, aunt and grandmother to make this sentimental heirloom. Each block is a month of the year with a theme appropriate for the month. My favorite is May. Since we live in Louisville, she made that […]

Lone Star vs. Star of Bethlehem: Which Name Do You Prefer?

I’ve got to say that I cringe a little when I get a lone star quilt in. I love them, but they are incredibly difficult to piece. You’ve got bias edges everywhere and trying to get everything to lay flat can be challenging for even the most experienced piecer. If the Lone Star doesn’t lay […]

Sarah’s Rose Garden Quilt & a Parrot’s "Bird day"

Sarah’s quilt is on the frame right now and I really like the modified Dresden Plate. I’ve always loved curves in a quilt and anytime a more traditional pattern can be transformed in a curvy way it makes me smile. I have freehanded swirls in the pieced border that follow the width and variety of […]

Eve’s Christmas Wonderland

Eve is a member of my online quilting guild and one of the nicest people around. She is also one of the top two applique artists I know personally. Her work is just stunning. I am in the process of designing the quilting for her phenomenal Santa applique quilt. She did all of the applique […]

Arline’s Sunbonnet Sue & Her Design Choices

     Remember Arline’s Sunbonnet Sue? I worked on some design ideas for her to choose from. I took a photo of her Sues and drew on them in Adobe Photoshop. The I emailed her the mock ups you see. We had talked about a meandering design behind all the Sues. You’ll see that one […]

Debbie’s Friendship Crystals

This is on my refrigerator right now. It looks like one of my kidlets has decided to take a stand and declare what important things are missing from our standard fare. If kids ruled the world we’d all have bad tummy aches and blood sugar levels of about 400. Up next on the frame is […]

Melissa’s Fun Flirty French Quilt

Thanks so much for everyone’s feedback. Sandy decided to go with choice #3! She really likes the circles and ovals. Right now I have Melissa’s quilt on the frame. Isn’t it fun?  She has this really awesome blog called The Polkadot Chair.  Melissa has creativity just oozing out of her and she uses her entire […]

Looking for feedback on this quilt design

I’ve been toying around with Sandy’s quilt top and I’ve come up with some ideas for the design. You may remember that I was thinking about putting spirographs scattered throughout her top. Take a look and let me know which of these you like.  I’ve used a yellow just so you can see the designs. […]

Sandy’s Pick Up Sticks

Sandy is one of the most creative quilters I know. She designs her own quilts and they are always so graphically strong. I really love this funky, artsy quilt layout she’s come up with using her new DIL’s favorite color palate. Sandy wants the quilting on this to be custom so I need to stand […]

Karen’s Frog Hop Quilt is on the APQS Millennium

Karen’s adorable froggie quilt for her granddaughter is on the frame today. First I had to break out all my bright, hot threads for this fun top. Here are the three I decided upon. Karen always has clever ways of piecing her quilts and these little frogs are no exception. Can you see the 3-D […]

Arline’s Sunbonnet Sue

Arline made this wonderful Sunbonnet Sue. Don’t you just love the little hats in the sashing?  Arline also sewed all those buttonhold stitches on Sue by hand!  Can you imagine? I am trying to decide what to put behind all of her little Sue’s. The garden theme keeps popping up in my head. Maybe each […]

Design ideas for Eve’s Sampler Quilt with Floral Applique

I’ve been toying around with design ideas for Eve’s quilt. Here’s my first idea. I added a low bowl type vase below the flowers in the corners and added stems and leaves to each flower.  I really like the look but the problem comes with how I translate that idea to the flowers in the […]

Sarah’s Ebay Postage Stamp Quilt Top

Sarah has landed some great Ebay finds recently. This postage stamp king size beauty is a good example of the high quality tops she’s aquired. Sarah put the two outside borders on the quilt to make it big enough for her daughter’s bed. She had a few repairs to make in the quilt top itself […]

Debbie’s Scrappy Stars

Debbie is a new grandma and she’s been kissing some baby toes for me while I’ve been working on her Grandmother’s Scrappy Stars. I don’t know the name of this pattern so if you do, leave a comment. It is a beautiful quilt but it has some issues as most all vintage tops do. There […]