Don’t Forget, the Quilted Joy Clubhouse is Wed June 3 at 1pm Eastern

Quilted Joy Clubhouse - Quilting Feathers in a Square - June 3, 2020 1pm Eastern

June’s meeting of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse is almost here! I hope you can join us at 1 pm Eastern/12 pm Central on Wednesday June 3 for our online guild meeting. You can watch the live meeting in two different places. Members of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse can watch the meeting in the Facebook group. […]

How to Quilt Garden Gate Feathers + Free Practice Worksheet!

How to Quilt Garden Gate Feathers + Free Worksheet

A couple weeks ago you guys got a peek at Pam’s adorable Paper Doll Quilt for her first granddaughter. I had so much fun quilting this quilt for Pam because it’s just so dang cute! There were so many opportunities for me to try lots of different quilting designs. I really got to play with my […]

Longarm Guild: Feather Spotlight!

Feathers in a pinwheel quilt block

The Longarm Guild will be meeting next Wednesday, May 2 at 10:00am in the Quilted Joy showroom. This month we’ll have a feather spotlight! Angela will demonstrate how to quilt a lovely feather variation. Be sure to bring a sketchbook and pencil so you can draw the feather yourself. We also recommend you bring a […]

Beginner’s Guide to Machine Quilting: Quilting Feathers, Part 1

How to Quilt Feathers

One of the techniques many new (and experienced) longarm quilters want to jump into is quilting feathers. Who can blame them? Feathers are a classic and beautiful quilting design. Unfortunately, they can be a little challenging. I’ve heard a few quilters say they simply can’t do feathers. Practice is the key to mastering feathers on […]

Feathers for the Chickens Among Us Class

Feathers for the Chickens Among Us - Learn to quilt over 20 EASY longarm friendly feathers in this class taught by Angela Huffman

Are you struggling to quilt feathers; or flat out avoiding them because they’re just too difficult? I have room for a few more chickens for this week’s Feathers for the Chickens Among Us class! I’ll be teaching this class at the Quilted Joy showroom on Friday May 13, 10:00am-4:00pm. In this hands on longarm quilting class […]

New Bethanne Nemesh Books Available in the Store!

Sampler Quilt Smackdown: Secondary Quilting Designs for all Block Quilts by Bethanne Nemesh. Available at

If you follow Bethanne Nemesh on Facebook you’ve seen her teasing new books for a while now. (By the way, if you’re not keeping up with Bethanne on Facebook, you really need to start! She’s an amazing quilter and is always sharing pictures of such beautiful quilts.) Well, those books are finally here! She debuted […]

Spring Into Custom Quilting!

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so why not challenge yourself to try something new? This May I will be teaching two classes on custom quilting. These classes are perfect for the confident beginners out there who are comfortable using a longarm machine and are ready to start learning custom quilting techniques as well as the […]

Our Newest Longarmers!

Quilted Joy's renters are always working on fun projects! -

Take a peek at the projects our renters have been working on here at the Quilted Joy showroom. Joel is a local artist whose latest show included several quilts. Joel custom quilted all of them with very specific and strict lines and patterns. On his dark blue sawtooth quilt he used a clamshell stencil and […]

Watch Angela on Fons & Porter Next Week

Back in April I told you about my trip to the Love of Quilting set to record an episode with Mary Fons. If you are in Kentucky you can finally catch the premiere of that episode this Monday Oct. 19 at 11:30am EST on KET2 (the local PBS affiliate)! In this episode I’m talking all about […]

Fieldtrip to Judy’s Fern Tutorial

Feathers for the Timid Longarmer, taught by Angela Huffman

Some folks get really intimidated by free motion feathers. They can be challenging because the eye can easily tell when the traditional feather shape isn’t symmetrical. A great “beginner” feather uses leaf or fern shapes on a spine instead of a feather. Over at Judy’s blog, she has a wonderful tutorial on how to make […]

Back of Pumpkin Applique Quilt

Yesterday I posted photos showing the front of Jennifer’s Block of the Month pumpkin quilt she made during a class at one of my local quilt shop gems, The Smocking Shop. Today I thought you’d like to see the back. Jennifer chose a plain muslin back so the quilting is very prominent. You can really […]

Jennifer’s Pumpkin of the Month Quilt

*The local schools are working on a delay but we are open today, Jan 22* In March of 2013 I decided that I needed to step away from quilting for others. I was doing about 25-30 a month and I was just too frazzled with deadlines. Plus, there were big changes coming my way that […]

Progress on the big ol’ basket quilt

I’m slowly making progress on the BIG basket quilt. You’ll see that I’ve got curling ribbons coming out from the base of the basket which encircle the block and cross over into the setting square just a bit. The setting squares have fluer de lis motifs in them to represent Louisville. Our city was named […]

Feathered Flower Quilt

Longarm Feathers around Applique

Here are some more photos of the Flower Garden quilt I just finished. I used Fil-Tec’s Glide thread in the top, Superior’s Bottom Line in the bobbin. YLI nylon monofilament around the applique and Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom for the batting. I used a feather fill behind the applique. It was a little hard deciding what […]

Feathers, Feathers, Feathers!

Can you tell I had a bit of fun on this one? I used a curly cue feather to travel around the center diamond.  Straight line quilting in the patterned fabrics give structure to the quilt.  The feathers were done in a skinny thread to minimize the thread buildup and let the feathers really shine. […]

Curly Feathered Wreaths

Curly Feathered Wreaths on Irish Chain quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

I was able to make a ton of progress on Jennie Beth’s Irish Chain today. I’m down to putting the feathered wreaths in those plain squares. This style of curled feathers is so much fun to make! Can you see the wavy lines moving through the chains? Here’s some eye candy of the progress. I’m […]

The Irish Chain Grows Feathers!

The Irish Chain quilt Jennie Beth asked me to quilt is starting to grow some glorious feathers in its border. Take a peek at my progress and learn about my big announcement!

Jennie Beth’s quilt now has feathers in the outside border and wavy interconnected lines through all of the one-inch pieces in the middle. If you click here, you’ll see the drawing I did on her quilt to show her the ideas I had for her quilt top. She chose the version with more traditional feathers. […]

Lone Star Feathered Points

Lone Star quilt

I’ve got this beautiful lone star on the frame right now. I love the combination of batiks with the other fabric motifs. The lone star has a great contemporary feel, doesn’t it? I’ve finished the stitch-in-the-ditch work on the whole top, and I have done one of the star sections with a curling feather. It […]

Log Cabin Delight

Log Cabin Quilt

Isn’t Debbie’s quilt stunning?  Can you believe it was one of the first quilts made by a newbie quilter? It was a delight to quilt as well.  Someday I need to make a log cabin quilt.  I’ve never gotten around to it but they are fascinating. Each log is about 1.5 inches and there are […]