Claudia Blossoms with her Hometown Blooms

Quilted Joy Clubhouse How Would You Quilt It? Claudia's Hometown Blooms Quilt Quilted Joy

In June, I chose a quilt for our “How I would Quilt it” segment of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse that I was very familiar with. Hometown Blooms is my version of “Sangria” by Diane Tomlinson. Claudia now has joined me in picking her own colors and making yet another version of this quilt. Don’t you just love […]

How Would You Quilt It?: Athina’s Mama Gypsy Quilt

How Would You Quilt It - Athinas Mama Gypsy Quilt - Quilted Joy

Every month during our Quilted Joy Clubhouse live meetings, we spend a few minutes looking at how I might quilt a quilt top. These quilt tops are not my own. Instead they came from unquilted tops shared in the Quilted Joy Clubhouse Facebook Group. (Click here to join in the fun over in the group!) […]

Video: Feathering the Outside Curve | Quilted Joy Clubhouse Live!

Quilting Feathers on an Outside Curve Quilted Joy Clubhouse 460x259 1

Thank you all for watching our Quilted Joy Clubhouse this month. If you missed it, that is not a problem. You can find all of our previous episodes including this one on our YouTube channel and Quilted Joy Clubhouse Facebook group. If you like and follow us, you can even get notices about when we are […]