Sometimes Straight Line Quilting is all it Takes

Rinse & Repeat Quilt Featuring lots of Straight Line Quilting

The number of designs available to put on a quilt is infinite. There are thousands of professional designs for sale as paper pantographs. If you can draw it, you can quilt it. However, all designs are not equal. Some are tighter and denser than others, while others are open and barely quilted at all. Some […]

Anita’s Tessellating Pinwheel Variation

Take a look at Anita's quilt with tessellating pinwheel blocks. She asked me to quilt this with a swirly edge to edge design to mimic the motion in her top.

Have you ever owned something that needed a cover or container and then you found one you had for something else and it fits perfectly? Isn’t that the most satisfying feeling? Tessellations always make me feel the same way. A pattern, especially a complicated one, that fits so snuggly with itself that no gaps and […]

Jodi’s Easy Breezy Stars Quilt

What's not to love about an easy, breezy quilt for summer or spring? Jodi's fun pinwheel stars quilt looks so fun with bright colors and a fun floral and swirly pantograph quilting design.

Today I’ve got a fun quilt from Jodi that would be perfect for summer or spring. I’m in love with the colors in Jodi’s quilt. They’re just so lighthearted! Wouldn’t this be perfect in a lake or beach house? There were so many great options for the edge to edge quilting designs. Something with lots […]

Kathleen’s Seaside Pinwheels

Pinwheel Quilt

The last few days have been cold, dreary, and wintery. So how about a quilt to remind you of summers at the beach? Kathleen dropped off this beautiful pinwheel quilt for quilting. Don’t those blues and greens remind you of ocean waves and sea glass? This would be a wonderful summery quilt! There’s a lot […]

What is Black and White and Red All Over?

Pinwheel quilt

I have a client who has a number of quilts from her husband’s aunt and has hired me to complete them for her.  This is the first one in the series I’ve done for her. She chose to have the Fire Curl pantograph place on it which is a great masculine pattern. She wasn’t sure if […]

Terri’s Berries and Cream Quilt

Terri works at one of my local quilt shop gems, Among Friends Quilt Shop. She brought me a stack of tops that were a part of their monthly dessert gathering. At the shop, they’d serve up yummy deserts and have a pattern for the participants that went along with that month’s theme. Hence this month’s […]

Sharon’s Pinwheel Plate Quilt

Sharon’s grandmother made this pinwheel plate quilt and she asked me to quilt it for her.  I did a variation of concentric circles on the pinwheels. I used curls in the framing strips around each pinwheel and placed a meander behind the pinwheel. In the white space between each block is a star. I really […]

Katy Pinwheel Party Quilt

This is Katy’s Pinwheel Quilt. She used a yellow fabric with small daisies in the sashing. I used that fabric as a jumping off point for the quilting motifs. The sashing has leaves with each of the white cornerstones getting it’s own daisy! The blocks themselves have a lot of seams all coming together in […]

Sarah’s Purple Pinwheels

Sarah's Purple Pinwheels, quilted by Angela Huffman

Sarah is a rather prolific new quilter.  She told me that when she first moved to town, she was holed up in a hotel room for quite some time because they didn’t have a house just yet.  She decided to start taking quilting classes to learn something new. She had some sewing experience but the […]

Linda’s Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel Quilt

Linda’s Pinwheel quilt is one of those quilts that takes on a whole new look as you step back from it.  I love the look all of those pinwheel blocks have together.  The movement they give each other and the overall strength of the high contrast really works in quilts like this. One of the […]

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