Itty Bitty Pieces Make Spectacular Quilt Tops

Dennis shows off his bright primary colored Pinwheel Block Quilt

The following longarm machine renters created quilts using itty bitty little pieces. It can take a lot of time to piece a quilt. Using larger pieces can cut some of that time out. But the result of all those little pieces is amazing! Judy works with itty bitty pieces Judy made these sweet little quilts […]

Anita’s Vintage Inspired Pinwheel Block Quilt

Vintage inspired pinwheel block variation quilt in cream, green, and orange colors

When we talk about classic quilt blocks, I feel like you can never leave out the pinwheel block. I see this block in so many quilts representing so many different styles. And I’ve loved seeing the block evolve as quilters play with lots of different variations on the pinwheel. Today I wanted to share with […]

Anita’s Tessellating Pinwheel Variation

Take a look at Anita's quilt with tessellating pinwheel blocks. She asked me to quilt this with a swirly edge to edge design to mimic the motion in her top.

Have you ever owned something that needed a cover or container and then you found one you had for something else and it fits perfectly? Isn’t that the most satisfying feeling? Tessellations always make me feel the same way. A pattern, especially a complicated one, that fits so snuggly with itself that no gaps and […]

Jodi’s Easy Breezy Stars Quilt

What's not to love about an easy, breezy quilt for summer or spring? Jodi's fun pinwheel stars quilt looks so fun with bright colors and a fun floral and swirly pantograph quilting design.

Today I’ve got a fun quilt from Jodi that would be perfect for summer or spring. I’m in love with the colors in Jodi’s quilt. They’re just so lighthearted! Wouldn’t this be perfect in a lake or beach house? There were so many great options for the edge to edge quilting designs. Something with lots […]

Judy’s Batik Pinwheels

Judy brought me this beautiful quilt with pinwheel blocks and concentric squares made of beautiful batik fabrics. This was calling for a lovely pantograph with lots of movement.

Last week we looked at Judy’s beautiful One Block Wonder Quilt. Today I have another quilt from Judy. Take a look! Don’t you love those batiks? They’re just so yummy! I’m not sure what the quilt pattern is. I love how the white fabrics really set apart the pinwheels and the squares in a square. […]

You Have to See Dorothy’s Adorable Snowman Quilt!

Angela quilted Dorothy's adorable snowman quilt with a fun snowflake pantograph.

How sweet is Dorothy’s snowman quilt? This is the perfect quilt to snuggle up with your kiddos on a cold wintery night! Dorothy found the quilt pattern at a Walmart many years ago, and unfortunately she didn’t remember the name of the pattern. The quilt is one of her UFOs that was waiting its turn […]