Sarah’s Purple and Silver Quilt

Sarah's Silver and Purple Stars Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

This is Sarah’s Purple and Silver Quilt. We love it when Sarah comes in to drop off a quilt. They are always the most amazing pieces. With intricate and complicated piecing, all expertly stitched by hand, and in beautiful colors, Sarah never ceases to amaze. She made this quilt as a wedding gift for her […]

Joanne’s Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt

What do you collect when you travel? Joanne's friend collects Harley Davidson shirts and asked her to make him a T-shirt quilt. Here's how I quilted it!

Can you imagine having the opportunity of traveling the world? What souvenir would you buy to commemorate each of those destinations? Some buy snow globes, or magnets, or postcards. One gentleman bought Harley Davidson t-shirts. In total, he collected over fifty of these shirts but lacked any way of displaying them. That is where Joanne […]

Linda’s Spiderweb Quilt

Linda made this playful Spider web quilt for her granddaughter and asked me to quilt it with an edge to edge design. We found the perfect design that carried that spiderweb quilt theme!

Today I have a really interesting quilt to share with you. Linda has a granddaughter in the theater program at her high school. According to her, seeing a spider web in the theatre is good luck, so what better quilt to make for her than a spider web quilt? For those who haven’t seen one […]

Cheri’s Arcadia Ave Quilt!

Cheri made the stunning Arcadia Ave block of the month quilt and asked me to quilt it for her. She chose a fun spiral pantograph with a rainbow variegated thread for a little extra pizzazz!

Quilts stand out for different reasons. Some have lots of bold colors, and others have bold intricate designs. Cheri’s quilt had both. Cheri completed this Block of the Month quilt at the Cozy Quilter called Arcadia Avenue. It is resplendent with the bold bright jewel tones on not only the front, but the backing fabric as […]

Imogene’s Log Cabin

Imogene's Log Cabin is a beautiful example of a classic log cabin in black and red. She cleverly chose fabrics that allowed for the gradient darkening of the two halves while not adding additional colors outside the three main colors of red, black, and white.

The Log Cabin quilt has been around for awhile, but it still manages to take my breath away. There are so many different ways to play with color placement to create really imaginative and fun designs!  Imogene created this Log Cabin as a gift for a relative. For those natives in Louisville, it comes as […]

Imogene’s Eye Catching Log Cabin

Log Cabin Quilt

I am in love with Imogene’s Log Cabin quilt! Isn’t it just stunning? When I’m quilting these quilts for my customers, I’m only looking at a 20″ section of the quilt at a time. So I didn’t appreciate the full beauty of Imogene’s quilt until we hung it up for photographs. There are so many […]

Arlene’s Strippy Double Diamonds, Take Two!

Strippy Double Diamonds

A couple of years ago, Arlene brought in a top for quilting that I blogged about here. I love colorful quilts, especially when they’re made of batik fabrics, and Arlene brings in some beautiful ones! Here is another Strippy Double Diamonds, but in a different color scheme and without the borders. Why didn’t Arlene add […]

A Quilt for a Special Baseball Player

Baseball Quilt

Sandy’s grandson loves baseball. In fact, he plays baseball for St. Xavier Catholic High School here in Louisville. When it was time for Sandy to make a quilt for her grandson, there was only one theme which would be perfect – baseball! This quilt is large at 100″ by 100″.  It includes printed fabrics, all of which have […]

A Snowy Walk in the Park

Snowy Walk in the Park Quilt

If your winter and spring have been like ours here in Louisville, you’ve seen the weather jump rapidly from below freezing to warm and sunny to snow flurries, sometimes all in twenty-four hours. Michelle may have had weather on her mind when she picked the fabrics for this top that she brought in for me […]

Kentucky Superfan Quilt

A sporty quilt for a University of Kentucky super fan! Quilting by Angela Huffman with the Pinched Square Spiral pantograph.

We see a lot of University of Kentucky and University of Louisville themed quilts come through the shop. Paula made this UK themed quilt for her grandson, who is clearly a UK superfan. There are fabrics representing a variety of sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. And of course lots of Kentucky blue! Those of you outside […]

Diane’s Fuzzy String Quilt

String Quilt longarm

Dianne calls this quilt her Razzle Dazzle quilt. My daughter loves it. Doesn’t it look like it was a fun to make? No worries, just fun! String quilts are always so liberating. She chose the squared spiral pantograph and it works great on this modern top. She also decided to use Minky on the back. […]

Jennifer’s Star Wars Quilt

There are a lot of 30-somethings who would LOVE to have this quilt. It is going to a lucky boy who enjoys Star Wars just as much as those 30-somethings. Jennifer made this quilt using a Star Wars themed sheet which she fussy cut for the blocks. The complimentary fabrics all have space shuttles, satellites, and […]

Linda’s Oriental Panel Quilt

Linda used her extensive oriental fabric stash to make this unique quilt featuring oriental panels. I know the  mathmateical struggle it took to place all of these panels into a quilt top and fille the background with the checkerboard piecing. Linda put in a great deal of work to get the panels to align and distribute […]

Debbie’s Pinched Square Spiral

Debbie brought me this quilt and told me it was one of those patterns she’d never, never, never make again. Apparently keeping track of the piecing and the order of the blocks was not enjoyable. Some patterns are like that and you have to walk away from them frequently or you’ll end up flinging them […]