Wide Back Packs v. Wide Bitty Back Packs: Which to Use When

3 Yard Quilt Back Packs Available at Quilted Joy

Quilted Joy has always carried a variety of wide backing fabrics. At last count we have over 160 different 108″ wide quilt backing fabrics!  That is in addition to the over 400 bolts of regular width 45″ wide quilt fabric! Can you tell we love petting fabric? 🙂 Of course, we love using 108″ wide […]

Angela’s Quilt Piecing Tips for Accuracy

A well-pieced block that is square and flat can feel incredibly difficult to achieve. Fortunately, there are easy ways to quickly improve your accuracy while making your quilt top that will help make the rest of the quilting process flow much more easily. Here are my best quilt piecing tips for accuracy! What is a […]

Master the Flying Geese Block!

Discover your love for patchwork and learn a basic quilting element, the flying geese.

Once you’ve caught the quilting bug, there are certain blocks and shapes you’ll start to see over and over again. Some of those blocks will be super simple to piece, others will make your brain work a little harder! The Flying Geese block is one you’ll see all the time. It pops up in sampler […]

Row by Row Experience 2016 – Home Sweet Home

Quilted Joy's Row for Row by Row 2016, "The Butterfly and the Bee"

Are you planning any road trips this summer? The Row by Row Experience begins this Tuesday, June 21. Quilted Joy is participating for the first time, and we’re excited to show you our row! In case you haven’t heard of Row by Row before, here is a little basic information. This is the third year of […]

I’m a Teacher Again!

Table Runner

I homeschooled my kidlets through second grade and we all had a ball.  They learned so much.  I learned so much.  It was a tremendous blessing to have that time with them to focus on nurturing their love of learning. When our homeschool journey came to an end, I was sad.  I had learned that I was […]