What a Gorgeous New York Beauty!

Susan, a customer, brought this gorgeous New York Beauty quilt to me for edge-to-edge quilting. It is a spectacular quilt well worth a second look.

Susan recently made this gorgeous New York Beauty top for her granddaughter and asked me to quilt it for her.  It’s such a beautiful quilt and there’s so much to learn from this one! First of all, the blocks are New York Beauty blocks done in a couple of different sizes.  This involves a combination of foundation […]

Here’s the Latest Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

T-shirt Quilt

Here’s the latest T-shirt quilt I pulled off the frame and delivered. My client loved it and said it was going to be incredibly difficult to keep it a secret until the big presentation moment. The shirts are from all the teams her daughter was a member of over the course of her school years. […]

Portrait Block

Photo Transfer Fabric T-shirt Quilt

    This is the centerpiece of the T-shirt quilt I’m fabricating this week. The quilt is a graduation present and the center block is this photo transfer specialty block. It showcases her daughter’s senior photo with some photos of her as a little girl. Isn’t that a great idea? This will be a treasured […]