What a Gorgeous New York Beauty!

Susan, a customer, brought this gorgeous New York Beauty quilt to me for edge-to-edge quilting. It is a spectacular quilt well worth a second look.

Susan recently made this gorgeous New York Beauty top for her granddaughter and asked me to quilt it for her.  It’s such a beautiful quilt and there’s so much to learn from this one! First of all, the blocks are New York Beauty blocks done in a couple of different sizes.  This involves a combination of foundation […]

New York Beauty Quilt for a Long Island Friend

Elaine is an internet quilty friend who I see each year at the Lancaster show where a group of us gather for show and tell each year. Last year she brought me this beautiful New York Beauty top to quilt for her. I love how it turned out! You may remember this quilt from the […]

New York Beauty Design Possibilities

A friend made this fantastic New York Beauty. She used a foundation fabric for this heirloom and I think If I ever get the nerve to try to piece this pattern I’ll do that as well. It looks like it helped keep all those bias edges tamed. I have been working up some different designs […]

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