Shirley’s Christmas Quilt

Shirley's Christmas Quilt, longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

One of the common rules of holidays is that the Christmas holiday does not start until after Thanksgiving. Why can’t we enjoy every holiday fully and not brush past the fall celebrations in favor of the more flashy winter ones? But as any fiber artist will tell you, Christmas decorations must be started long before November if […]

Focal Fabric Can Really Stand Out As A block in your Quilt

Colleen shows off her Disney Princesses Quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

I think it is safe to say that most quilters are fabric lovers. We tend to collect stashes and buy fabrics in large quantities simply because they are beautiful. Admit it. We’re fabri-holics. Sometimes we find that one piece that just really speaks to you, and it inspires you to create something truly amazing. The […]

Animal Inspired Renter Quilts!

Rebecca's Appliqued Owls quilt

We are always talking about the different shapes that make up quilt blocks. Squares, triangles, rectangles, even hexagons can be combined in a variety of ways to create tops of wonder to the eye. But besides sewing blocks with shapes, you can have a lot of fun with applique as well. Now not all of […]

Our Renters Make Fabulous Quilts with Simple Blocks!

T-shirt quilt for a teenage girl.

Intricate complicated piecing designs are amazing to look at. These are the show stoppers that demand attention at competitions or hanging on your living room wall. But not every quilt needs to be ornate. A lot of times, we just want a warm quilt to curl up in on a cold winter’s evening. The following […]

Painting with Fabric

Debbie's paper pieced Animals quilt with blocks from Quiet Play Designs

Art can be made with a variety of mediums. Besides oil paints and watercolors, an artist can use tile, glass, metal, wood, or fabric. These following examples are quilts created by our renters, and they are real works of arts! Nancy and Mary are sisters who come in to quilt together. Standing at the machine […]

Our Renters are Pretty in Pink

Nancy's modified rail fence quilt with fun farm fabrics

Rainbows and lots of contrasting colors can be fun, but sometimes you just want a pink quilt. These are some creations that are pretty in pink. Lynn made this quilt for her niece. If you look closely, the fabrics have cats on them. I like the use of the Circle design board we have here […]

The Art in Quilting

What a beautiful mountain-scape wallhanging quilt! Sue free motion quilted this with simple lines to mimic air and clouds flowing through the air.

Quilts can be very functional. They can also be just for beauty. Check out these great works of art that our renters created. Some were blocks of the month, or Row by Row designs, and some are just works of imagination. One thing we know for sure is that they’re all amazing! Bonnie made this […]

Three Ways to Go

How fun is Judy's Pins and Paws quilt? She quilted it with a bubbles design board at Quilted Joy

There is never just one way to do something right, especially with artistic endeavors. Multiple choices should be seen as multiple opportunities to try something new. With longarm quilting there are so many choices to be made like thread, color, density, and design. In fact, our renters have three different ways to quilt their quilts. […]

Ali’s Critters Quilt

Critters Quilt

I love hearing about quilts made for family and friends. Nothing says “you’re special to me” quite like a quilt you can wrap up in! Ali made this sweet quilt for a close friend of hers. She even included him in the design process and picking out fabrics. She’s calling this the critters quilt in […]

Keeping It Simple

In the latest post about Quilted Joy's renters, we see some ladies who keep their quilting simple to let the piecing shine

After spending hours cutting fabric and piecing it together, sometimes my renters don’t want the quilting to be the star. Or sometimes they’re on a time limit and just need something quick and easy. Read on for a few different ways folks have kept their quilting simple! I love, love, love this baby quilt Colleen worked on […]

Catching Up with our Renters

See what the longarm renters at Quilted Joy have been up to lately!

Lyvonn feels like she’s been stuck in a world of neutral fabrics. In her free time she’s been working on quilts for her sons and their families, collaborating with her daughters-in-law to find the right fabrics that will fit their homes. Some how they both wanted creams and whites! This Single Irish Chain quilt is the […]

Renters are Getting Into the Groove!

See what the longarm renters at Quilted Joy have been up to lately!

First up we have Carol who worked on two quilts in one day. Carol used to have her own longarm machine, but after downsizing to a smaller home she sold it. She was so happy to get back into the longarm world when she discovered our rental program! Carol said she has a huge pile […]

Colorful Longarm Renters

Colorful Longarm Quilters - catch up with Quilted Joy's renters and see the beautiful quilts they worked on.

Nelda made this quilt featuring a nine patch variation on point for her husband. Choosing a quilting design for a masculine quilt like this can sometimes be a challenge. So many of our favorite designs are simply too feminine or flowery for many men. We have several pantographs that are more leafy than flowery, and […]

Shirtings Quilt

Quilting of yesteryear involved using scraps of fabrics from worn out clothes into quilts to keep your loved ones cozy in the winter. Dianna brought this quilt to me to finish and she wasn’t sure about its history. However, looking closely at the fabrics I’m quite sure this was a memory or memorial quilt made […]

Sometimes Simple Quilting is Best

This is an Underground Railroad quilt a customer brought me. She wanted the piecing to be the sart and have the quilting fade into the background so as not to distract the viewer. We settled on just a simple Budget Value Meander. I think it looks really peaceful on the quilt. Sometimes simple is best.

Postage Stamp Brights Quilt

strip set quilt close up

Laurie is a new quilter and these two quilts are her second and third creations. Like most quilters, she is planning on giving these away as gifts. I got a call recently from a non-profit group I volunteer for. They wanted to know if I had any quilts just laying around that I could donate. […]

Over the River Embroidered Quilt

I can’t imagine the hours and hours spent doing the hand embroidery on this quilt. My customer used the time in the car during traveling to stitch out each block. She doesn’t even consider herself more than a ‘beginner’! I assured her she certainly was more than a beginner. 🙂 She wanted an all over, […]

Karin’s Madeira Heart Baby Quilt

Karin took a Madeira Heart applique class and made this beautiful baby quilt for her granddaughter. She is a new quilter and took this class over at one of my local quilt shop gems, The Smocking Shop from one of my favorite teachers, Karen Fox. She was working on the piecing while at the sewing […]

Yet Another T-Shirt Quilt From Jennifer!

Kitty is at it again! Who knew that when she took that T-shirt quilt class from me, she’d be whipping out so many great t-shirt quilts? She made another one for Jennifer. This one has great personality. Take a look at the “Trix are for Kids” shirt. Oh, and the Hawaiian Punch & Spongebob shirts. […]