Renter Roundup for September

image of a quilt with a center illustration of Snoopy for the Peanuts comics on his red dog house surrounded by lots of color

We love our renters. They bring in such lovely quilts. The one downfall for me is after seeing all these lovely quilts I now have a long list of quilts that I have to make now. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the piecing that draws my eyes more. You can tell me exactly what […]

Meandering Around with our Longarm Renters

Kim's Split Rain Fence Quilt after renting a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

One of the quilting world’s staple designs is the meander. Sometimes we don’t even think of the meander as a design. It is just a single line wiggling all over the quilt. The word meander actually comes from the name of a river in south western Turkey that has a lot of twists and turns. Now it just […]

Samplers Full of Stars

Kathy Green Stars Sampler Quilt

I’m always talking about shapes in quilts. Whether it’s circles, rectangles, or triangles. Any art student will tell you that any design or picture is essentially made of these basic shapes. But a standard composite shape that many quilts are made of is the star. Now when I say a star, there are lots of […]

Four-Patch Frenzy!

Four Patch Frenzy Quilt

Susan pieced this top, a design called Four-Patch Frenzy, after watching a tutorial by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company. She recently asked me to quilt it for her. Aren’t these fabrics fun? It looks like either the border coordinated with the block fabrics or that the block fabrics were chosen based upon the […]

Imogene’s Rail Fence

Rail Fence Quilt Variation

Today’s quilt, by Imogene, is a Rail Fence design.  The center is based upon strip sets, and Imogene added several borders to add interest.  What makes this quilt really interesting is that it is made entirely of neutrals! Because the color scheme is so simple, Imogene wanted her quilting not to overpower the quilt.  We […]

Renters Working on Their Free Motion Quilting Skills

Longarm Quilting Machine Rental at Quilted Joy

Today, let’s take a look at some renters who are improving their free motion quilting skills by working from the front of the machine. Connie quilted this patriotic star quilt with a free motion meander.  While we have a design board that does the same thing, she knows that working from the front of the […]

A Blooming Nine-Patch!

Blooming Nine Patch

One of Ali’s friends persuaded her recently to try quilting, and now she’s hooked! She fell in love with the blooming nine-patch design, bought the book, and gave it a try. We love the results! Because she wasn’t ready to quilt a quilt this size on her domestic machine, Ali brought it to Quilted Joy for […]

Susan’s Wonderful Fall Colors Quilt

Fall Colors Quilt. Quilting by Quilted Joy

Susan appears to love fall colors, judging from this quilt! The fabrics look like they’re from a designer named Sandy Gervais who designs gorgeous collections for Moda. She almost always includes teal in her collections. The piecing in this top is very simple, and the quilting needed to be simple, too. Susan opted for an […]

Time for A Post-Derby Renter Roundup!!!

APQS Longarm Quilting Machine Rentals at

Derby is over and summer is coming soon.  Here are a few renter projects from the past few months to whet your appetite for summer quilting… Angelique made this very colorful bargello top and quilted it here recently.  She wanted to quilt it from the front of the machine and did a simple meander in the […]

This Finish Has Been A Long Time Coming

Applique Block of the Month Quilt

Beverly took a class on applique a number of years ago and this beautiful top was the result.  I was delighted to help her finish it! This design was taught as a block of the month, so there are a number of different blocks.  Some are pieced and some are applique.  Beverly didn’t want me […]

Civil War Reproduction Sixteen-Patch Quilt

Civil War Reproduction Fabrics 16 Patch Quilt

This very traditional top was brought to me for quilting by Anita. It is a sixteen-patch pattern, meaning that each block has four columns and four rows, so sixteen squares per block. Most of the fabrics in this quilt were designed by Jo Morton, a much-loved Civil War reproduction fabric designer. The colors are warm […]

Tessellating Shapes Quilt

Susan's quilt is a tessellating design made entirely of batiks. I quilted it with a neutral thread that blends well and a meandering design. Fun!

Here is a contemporary quilt that I recently quilted for Susan.  This is an interesting design because each block is a tessellation.   A tessellation is a shape which interlocks with itself when turned different ways.  According to the rules, it cannot be a square, and in this case, the shapes are kind of like […]

Cardinals, Cardinals Everywhere!

This quilt, made by Karee for a grandchild, was all about the U of L Cardinals. Of course, I had to use Glide in the color Cardinal to quilt it!

Cardinals are frequently seen as a motif around Christmas – on stained glass ornaments, on greeting cards, and in our own back yards.  Here, we see cardinals making an appearance as a gift. You may recall Karee’s sampler quilt, about which I recently posted.  She chose a unique setting for her blocks, which is something […]

A Heartfelt Gift of a T-Shirt Quilt

Jamie's T-shirt quilt for her niece, Kelsey, blends a wonderful selection of T-shirts with creative sashing and a lovely backing fabric in a heartfelt gift.

Jamie recently made this T-shirt quilt for her niece, Kelsey.  You can tell from the shirts that Kelsey has been very active in dance and musical theater.  I also got a kick out of the Gryffindor and Harry Potter shirt!  But wait – we can also see track and soccer and U.S. Space Camp T-shirts, as well […]

Yet Another T-Shirt Quilt From Jennifer!

Kitty is at it again! Who knew that when she took that T-shirt quilt class from me, she’d be whipping out so many great t-shirt quilts? She made another one for Jennifer. This one has great personality. Take a look at the “Trix are for Kids” shirt. Oh, and the Hawaiian Punch & Spongebob shirts. […]