MAKE: Design Wall for Quilt Studio

use design wall in quilting studio

I made a design wall this week for the classroom space. Here’s a photo of it all finished with Karen’s Log Cabin quilt sitting prettily on it. This is the third design wall I’ve made in my life. Yes, I get around. The first one I made I used a thin white flannel on and […]

Shop Progress: Making my AccuQuilt Studio Die Cutting Station

cutting Station cabinet

While cruising through my local Habitat Restore I stumbled upon this pile: What does it look like to you? I adore the green color. Who knew I’d fall in love with GREEN cabinets, eh? Plus, they were $10 each! Of course they had to follow me back to the shop. Where they were bolted together and […]

Make: Big Ironing Board Station with Storage

DIY Ironing Table by

This post is one in a series showing some of the easy handmade sewing furniture in my new studio. I love this ironing station. It is big and wide and allows me to iron yardage without the weird triangle that is the normal shape of most ironing boards. The top of this table is a […]

Make: Sewing Machine Table

DIY Sewing Machine Table by

This post is one of a series showing some of the handmade sewing furniture in my quilting studio. This table used to be an old kitchen table that had wobbly metal legs. New wooden posts were added for legs. A hole was cut to match the dimensions of a plexiglass cabinet insert that I bought […]

Make: Cutting Table Made Out of 2x4s

Organize sewing room

I am in the process of setting up my new studio at our new home and I had to break down my cutting table. I thought you might like to see some photos of it as it was simply made from 2x4s and an old ping pong tabletop. There is storage space under the top […]