The Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018

Discover the "Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018 from Quilted Joy"

Recently we got a great question from one of our blog followers. They wanted to know which colors of Glide Thread were the most popular thread colors of 2018. So, I went back through our records and found our Top Five Glide Thread colors over the last year. Why I Love Glide Thread I consider […]

Quilting with Invisible Threads

Have you tried quilting with invisible threads? If you haven’t yet, you might be surprised by them! Invisible or monofilament threads have a bit of a bad reputation. They used to be heavy, stiff, and super strong. The invisible threads of today are still strong, but they’re softer, thinner, and quilt beautifully. Even better, they […]

The Fil-Tec Thread Fairy

The thread fairy from Fil-Tec  arrived today. SWOON! I got the new summer 2012 collection. They are beautiful!

Thread Addict On Display

Hello. My name is Angela and I am a thread addict.Every color, every kind, every size (well, mostly cones). I adore thread. Opening a box of new thread is like peering into a candy shop.And now (insert drum roll here) I have a beautiful condo for my little thread friends! For the last few years […]

Rainbows Thread on an APQS Millennium

One of the best things about APQS machines is their ability to run a wide variety of thread. Threads for longarm quilting machines must withstand a great deal of abuse. These machines run at extremely high rates of speed and the thread must be strong enough to handle that speed. Some longarm machines have tons […]