Quilting the Blues with our renters

Color has long been tied to emotions. Red is anger, jealously is green, yellow is considered cheerful and happy, etc. Why is blue sad? Doesn’t a bright blue sky make you happy? The deep blue sea can make you feel nostalgic or ponder deep thoughts. Blue is a beautiful color that does not make me […]

Using a Design Board to Create that Perfect Circle

Awesome Ocean quilt, quilted at Quilted Joy, using the bubbles design board

Free motion quilting is faster, though not often easier than following a predetermined design on a pantograph or design board. Making your design shapes consistently the same size can be tricky. But the design element that can be downright impossible without some sort of aid is the circle. Even with a pantograph, circles can be […]

Our Longarm Machine Renters Play With Circles

Blue Batiks Orange Peel Quilt

Let’s be honest, straight lines are so much easier to piece and so we see most quilts made with straight lines. But the circle is a beautiful shape and belongs in quilting as well. Not all of these quilts were made with round seams. In fact, applique can be the easiest way to create a […]

Variety Is the Spice of Life!

Campbell Ridge Elementary School

I’ve written before about how much we enjoy the variety of quilts that our renters bring in to quilt. This post will reflect some of that variety – have fun! First, we have a jelly roll quilt pieced and quilted by Judy. Some call this design the “1600-Inch Quilt” because it uses a jelly roll, […]

Feelin’ Groovy, Renter Style!

Panel Quilt

Sometimes it’s fun to just focus on how the renters are using the design boards. If you aren’t familiar with these, they are boards with grooves carved in a design. A stylus attached to the longarm machine runs through the groove and moves the machine along the lines of the pattern. This is a great […]

More Beautiful Summery Quilts from the Renters

Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

They just keep coming! The theme of today’s post is summertime quilting. Melissa is a relatively new renter at Quilted Joy, but she is definitely not new to the world of quilting and sewing. You may know her popular blog, Polka Dot Chair. She quilted this top earlier this summer and blogged about it here: […]

Challenge Yourself to Try Something New Today

Our renters are learning new techniques and new skills in the low-risk zone of rental at Quilted Joy. Our staff are here to help you explore new ideas!

It’s so easy to find something you’re good at and stick with it. Whether it’s a certain piecing technique, quilting with a design board, or using your computerized quilting system. It’s called our comfort zone for a reason! I wanted to remind you how important it is to break away from the normal routine and […]