Pastel Floral Quilt by Nancy is Beautiful in its Simplicity

Nancy's Pastel Floral Quilt

One of the great joys about what I do is the chance to see so many different quilts by so many different artists. I’ve seen everything from machine embroidered artwork, to hand stitched red work, from simple blocks to complicated mariner’s stars. Every quilt has a beauty regardless of the direction that the artist chose […]

Nancy’s Patchwork Sampler Quilt

Patchwork Sampler Quilt

How sweet is this patchwork sampler quilt Nancy asked me to quilt for her? I’ve had the opportunity to see many different sampler quilts over the years. I still believe sampler quilts and blocks of the month are a great way to learn piecing. New quilters get the opportunity to learn in small bite sized […]

Mary Jo’s Sampler Quilt: a Good Example of a Classic Design

Mary Jo's Sampler Quilt with spring greens and butterflies

We have all seen a sampler quilt. These quilts contain many different blocks to create a beautiful modge podge of color just like Mary Jo’s sampler quilt. These quilts also had a purpose beyond being pretty. Before the internet and a plethora of quilting books and magazines, a quilter would make and keep a single […]

Anita’s Vintage Inspired Pinwheel Block Quilt

Vintage inspired pinwheel block variation quilt in cream, green, and orange colors

When we talk about classic quilt blocks, I feel like you can never leave out the pinwheel block. I see this block in so many quilts representing so many different styles. And I’ve loved seeing the block evolve as quilters play with lots of different variations on the pinwheel. Today I wanted to share with […]