Applique By Our Longarm Machine Renters Will Blow Your Mind

Valerie's Original Applique Whale Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

A skill that every quilter should at least try, if not master, is applique. While it has its own inherent challenges, it can allow you to do so many cute and interesting things that you would ordinarily not be able to do as easily. And in many cases, it is just the easier route compared […]

Some Quilts Just Break the Mold

Danielle's Bright and Playful Quilt after her Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

I like to group quilts together with similar characteristics to write about. But sometimes we get a couple of quilts that sort of break the mold. Here are some beautiful unique quilts that were just too hard to group with others. What do you think of them? Carol Breaks the Mold Having just said these […]

Catching Up with our Renters

See what the longarm renters at Quilted Joy have been up to lately!

Lyvonn feels like she’s been stuck in a world of neutral fabrics. In her free time she’s been working on quilts for her sons and their families, collaborating with her daughters-in-law to find the right fabrics that will fit their homes. Some how they both wanted creams and whites! This Single Irish Chain quilt is the […]

Butterfly Irish Chain

I had great fun with this Butterfly Irish Chain. It was pieced with a dramatic red backing so the quilting really shows up well. My new favorite type of feather is what I’m calling a tuxedo feather. It adds a point in every other feather plume is is so easy to do. I wasn’t sure […]

Hearts, Irish Chain, Feathers and light switches

Take a look at all the white space on this quilt where I got to play! My intake notes for this quilt read, “Feather the heck out of it”. Here’s the result and it looks great. I did a feather curl design zig zagging with the Irish Chain. The outside border has a heart and […]

Irish Chain of Hearts Quilt

I finished the Irish Chain of Hearts Quilt I’ve been working on for a while. It was a big quilt and it turned out beautiful! My client picked out motifs that would be similar to what a hand quilter might put on an Irish Chain. She selected an alternating heart for the outside border. I […]

On the Frame: Irish Chain

I love an Irish Chain that gives me room to play! Here’s the Irish Chain currently on my frame. The border has mirrored hearts. The blocks also feature hearts with a curl design that comes out of the meandering vine through the chain. Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design inspiration, quilting options and […]

Line Dancing or Terry’s Twists & Beadboard on Barb’s Jelly Roll Quilt

Video showing how Angela Huffman quilts Terry's Twists, Beadboard, and Line Dancing on a Longarm Quilting Machine

I am finishing up Barb’s Jelly Roll quilt. This quilt was BIG and it took much longer than I thought it would. I put beadboard on the outside borders and did line dancing through the modified Irish Chain.  Take a look at how it all comes together! Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design […]

Sarah’s Irish Chain

Sarah's Irish Chain, quilted by Angela Huffman

This is my second Irish Chain in as many weeks! I just love how quiltmakers express themselves so uniquely through the fabric choices they make.  This is Sarah’s Irish Chain and it is beautiful. I used a new edge to edge design on this quilt.  It is called Cascade. I had picked it up at […]

Irish Chain Red Hot!

Jennie Beth's finished Irish Chain quilt, custom quilting by Angela Huffman

It is done! I pulled Jennie Beth’s Irish Chain off the frame today. It took me MUCH longer than I anticipated but I know she’ll be pleased.  Here’s some final photos and a close up of the back of the border. Quilted Joy Blog Stop by QuiltedJoy.com for design inspiration, quilting options and pricing on […]

Curly Feathered Wreaths

Curly Feathered Wreaths on Irish Chain quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

I was able to make a ton of progress on Jennie Beth’s Irish Chain today. I’m down to putting the feathered wreaths in those plain squares. This style of curled feathers is so much fun to make! Can you see the wavy lines moving through the chains? Here’s some eye candy of the progress. I’m […]

The Irish Chain Grows Feathers!

The Irish Chain quilt Jennie Beth asked me to quilt is starting to grow some glorious feathers in its border. Take a peek at my progress and learn about my big announcement!

Jennie Beth’s quilt now has feathers in the outside border and wavy interconnected lines through all of the one-inch pieces in the middle. If you click here, you’ll see the drawing I did on her quilt to show her the ideas I had for her quilt top. She chose the version with more traditional feathers. […]

Jennie Beth’s Irish Chain

Jennie Beth asked Angela Huffman to custom quilt her fabulous Irish Chain quilt. Take a look at the two different quilting approaches I sent her and let me know which you like best!

Do you see those itty bitty squares?  They are 1″ squares!  Jennie Beth did an amazing job lining up all those seams in her bold Irish Chain. She got this pattern out of a magazine and I just LOVE all that open space to play inside.  This quilt is a challenge because while the pattern […]