The Use of Hearts in Quilting by our Longarm Machine Renters

Colleen's Hearts Quilt after her longarm machine rental at Quilted Joy

Have you ever looked and critically thought about the heart shape? Honestly, it doesn’t much look like an actual heart. I read once that the heart shape may have actually started as a leaf shape bringing to mind life and renewal. Regardless of where it comes from and what it initially meant, the heart is […]

Variety is the Spice of Life

Melanie's memorial quilt made with her dad's shirts and fabrics that reminded her of him.

The great thing about quilting is that you never have to make the same quilt twice. Even when you mean to, they will often grow and develop into different designs. Melanie had intended to make five identical memorial quilts, one for each of her siblings and herself. Instead she had five slightly different quilts with […]

One Pantograph, Three Quilts

See how different one pantograph looks depending on what a quilt top looks like. Here are three quilts all using the Heart Fancy panto to different effect!

This is a slightly different renter roundup post.  Here, I want to show you just how different one pantograph can look depending upon what your top is like.  All three of these quilters used the Heart Fancy pantograph, and you will see how different it looks depending upon the top itself. I often talk about […]