T-shirts Galore Can Become Heirlooms

Purdue University Tshirt Quilt after Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

T-shirts as we know them came out sometime after World War II. Since that time they have grown to become a major part of our culture today. Do you know anyone who hasn’t at one time or another worn a t-shirt? Now a days, you can buy a t-shirt emblazoned with just about any company […]

GooseyGirl’s Candy Cane Lane Happy Dance

Candy Cane Lane Quilt

*sigh* It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy that it has been hard for me to keep up with keeping all of you up to date! First off, the kids are out of school! I’m really going to miss their teacher. She was the best and an incredible blessing for […]

Here’s the Latest Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

T-shirt Quilt

Here’s the latest T-shirt quilt I pulled off the frame and delivered. My client loved it and said it was going to be incredibly difficult to keep it a secret until the big presentation moment. The shirts are from all the teams her daughter was a member of over the course of her school years. […]

Portrait Block

Photo Transfer Fabric T-shirt Quilt

    This is the centerpiece of the T-shirt quilt I’m fabricating this week. The quilt is a graduation present and the center block is this photo transfer specialty block. It showcases her daughter’s senior photo with some photos of her as a little girl. Isn’t that a great idea? This will be a treasured […]