Storyboard Clipping Masks in Photoshop

Who knew Photoshop could be so much fun?  Here is GooseyGirl and RocketMan on the beach in South Carolina a couple years ago. They built a sand castle together and were so proud of their efforts. I try to highlight their sibling relationship and not always focus on the “group” so I’m especially pleased with […]

Burning the Edges of a Photo

Quilters are visual people, no doubt about it. One of the best tricks a quilter has to enhance a pattern is careful color selection and placement. It is always heart breaking to me to see a quilt where the piecer has obviously spent a lot of time and effort to make a well crafted top […]

Hand Tinted Photo Lesson

I’m taking a great Photoshop class from Jessica Sprague and loving all the stuff I’m learning. I wish she did this for Dreamweaver! This lesson was how to create a vintage, hand tinted look to a photo. Here’s the photo I started with: And here’s my attempt at a vintage, hand tinted look: Hmmmmm….. I’m […]

My Triplets Turn 10 Today!

Happy 10th Birthday to GooseyGirl, RocketMan and BirdMan! Quilted Joy Blog Stop by for design inspiration, quilting options and pricing on new or used APQS quilting machines.

Bobbin Couching on a Longarm

Couching with a Longarm Quilting Machine, photo courtesy of APQS

GooseyGirl has the flu now and her fever just isn’t going away. Today she’s at 101.5. Meanwhile, I’ve had a headache for three solid weeks. So… I’m going to highlight a video from Dawn Cavaunaugh, the national education director for APQS. I was recently asked if you can do bobbin couching on a longarm.  Here’s […]

Family Herilooms of the Sewing Variety

I love this photo.  Three generations in red! That’s my mom and my daughter with me. I’ve been able to infect GooseyGirl with my quilting passion.  My mother, however, seems to have taken a super strength inoculation against the quilting bug. I’m still working on her, though. My maternal grandmother dabbled in the needle arts […]

GooseyGirl Made a Tote Bag! (Tips on Sewing with Children)

GooseyGirl and I spent a day in the sewing studio together making this cute tote bag.  She cut and sewed it all! I absolutely LOVE spending time sewing with her.  Her favorite color right now is lime green.  She picked out some complimentary fat quarters and used hot pink thread (is there any other kind?). […]

A Kidlet Spin on the Inauguration

Today at school they spent a great deal of time learning about the presidency and celebrating the inauguration. In fact, they wrote a poem. Here’s RocketMan’s: Barack Obama is a kind person, and he’s definitely not a blind person. He likes to play basketball, and he doesn’t drink alcohol. They had to write their own […]

Rebecca’s Coneflower Batik quilt

Rebecca’s Quilt is a one of those quilts that just makes me happy. I think it is the hot pink batik in it. Can you see the flange just before the outside border? It really adds a nice dimension to the overall design. Of course, I stayed off the flange so it could be all […]

“Stories In Hand” Class with Jessica Sprague

I’ve been taking the Stories In Hand online class from and loving her teaching style. Today was the last day and I’m going to miss it. Here’s the photoshop layout of a digital scrapbook page I made with her online tutorial. Don’t I look oh-so-computer-savy? She really makes it easy and I learned a […]

Halloween with a Shriner, AKA Pap-Pa Jay

I’m finally getting around to sharing my kidlet’s Halloween photos.  This year we went trick or treating at their 90 year old great-grandfather Pap-Pa Jay’s assisted living facility. He recently moved in there and seems to be doing well.   This year my grandfather dressed up in his old Kosair Shrine Oriental Band costume which is […]

Purses Quilt & More Girly Fun!

Purses Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

I’ve got Sarah’s purses quilt loaded and I’ve been looking forward to doing this top since I first saw it. She paper pieced the handbags and will put a button on each purse where the closure would be. My daughter REALLY likes this quilt! I’ve put a different background filler in each column of purses. […]

Ick – Sick Kids Vol. 2

Jennie Beth asked Angela Huffman to custom quilt her fabulous Irish Chain quilt. Take a look at the two different quilting approaches I sent her and let me know which you like best!

GooseyGirl was home sick Friday.  Saturday & Sunday it hit me.  Now this morning RocketMan, upon awaking, asked for a sick bucket. It is going to be a long day. Sigh. Looks like I won’t be getting much done. Oh, and the design choice for the Irish Chain from my earlier post? Jennie decided on […]

Lakeside Triplet Vacation!


I just returned from a wonderful weekend with Jennie Beth and Sandy! My kidlets got to go intertubing, cliff diving, make a fire and chop wood. Jennie Beth’s husband is such a gem. My kids just LOVE him (oh, and they really like his dog Max, too). It was FUN!            […]

KY State Fair – Third Place Ribbon for GooseyGirl

KY State Fair Ribbon

Here’s Item #2 of my “Things to be Ecstatic About” list. GooseyGirl got a third place ribbon in the junior division of the Ky State Fair! Quilted Joy Blog Stop by for design inspiration, quilting options and pricing on new or used APQS quilting machines.

Summer’s Almost Over

Kidlet Fun

This summer has flown by.  My kidlets have gone to three camps and we went to Kings Island/ Great Wolf Lodge for vacation. Most importantly, they’ve enjoyed the crop of friends they’ve made on our street.  There must be a dozen kiddos their same age to play with! This neighborhood is an incredible blessing. These […]

Many Trips Around the World

Coffee Runner

I participated in Peg’s Finish Five in July Challenge.  Truthfully, I signed up without believing there would be any possible way I’d come close to finishing five things before the end of July. But I did it!  I just finished number five! This funky coffee table runner was fun to put together.  I taught this […]

GooseyGirl’s Big Girl Bed

5 yard bundle quilt

GooseyGirl has claimed the 5 yard bundle quilt I finished recently. It makes her new bed look so grown up! I recently found her mattress on clearance at Sears. It is one of the thickest and most comfortable twin beds I’ve seen. It is so high that she had to take a photo of the height […]

GooseyGirl’s Candy Cane Lane Happy Dance

Candy Cane Lane Quilt

*sigh* It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy that it has been hard for me to keep up with keeping all of you up to date! First off, the kids are out of school! I’m really going to miss their teacher. She was the best and an incredible blessing for […]