Charmaine’s Quilt from Prairie Quilt Militia

image of 21 Quilt with text "Quilted Joy Clubhouse - How Would You Quilt It? Charmaine's 21 Quilt"

Every month on the Quilted Joy Clubhouse, I select an unquilted top from all the pictures that our group posts on Facebook. I then design a quilting pattern for their top and present it at Clubhouse. In October of 2021, I chose Charmaine’s quilt. This stunning top was designed by Sharon Blackmore at Prairie Quilt Militia. It has such […]

Longarm Renters Gone Wild

Michelle shows off her original beach quilt after quilting it at Quilted Joy

These longarm renters at Quilted Joy have gone wild with their quilts using nature as an inspiration. As artists we can receive inspiration from many different sources, one of which is obviously nature. What we do with that inspiration is what makes us artists. Sometimes inspiration can take us into the wild. A couple of the following quilts […]

Cats, and Frogs, and the Wizard of Oz


Art often uses motifs from nature. What we see all around us can often be very inspiring. Many of our longarm machine renters will bring in quilts featuring leaves, flowers, and other plant life. But animals should not be forgotten in this scenario, especially our beloved pets. You can even theme a quilt to your favorite […]

Video: How to Quilt the Spiked Clover Border

Video Tutorial Spiked Clover Border Quilting Design

I’ve got another free motion quilting video tutorial for you today! This video shows off a fun border design I call the Spiked Clover Border, and it might challenge your mind a little bit. This design will have you practicing common shapes in different directions. Watch the video below to see how to quilt the […]

Longarm Machine Renters Show Off Three Ways to Quilt a Quilt

Lisa's Clamshells Quilt

The process of quilting is to simply stitch together multiple layers of fabric. You can add batting in between, but you don’t have to. How you stitch these pieces together is a whole other question. There are many ways to quilt a quilt and infinite designs you can stitch. Besides hand quilting, tying, or using your […]

Video Tutorial: How to Quilt Spaghetti Swirls

"Video Tutorial Spaghetti Swirls"

I’m not a big fan of the quilt police. There are so many rules in life, I don’t need to be constrained by rules in my quilting too. In my latest design video tutorial for APQS I’m throwing out the rule book to create a sashing design I’m calling Spaghetti Swirls. The Spaghetti Swirls sashing […]

Video Tutorial: How to Quilt the Fried Egg Filler

Quilted Joy Video Tutorial Fried Egg Filler

My latest longarm quilting video tutorial for APQS is online. I think you’re really going to love the Fried Egg Filler! The Fried Egg Filler was inspired by folk art fried egg applique. Watch the video below to see how to quilt it. How to Quilt the Fried Egg Filler Really simple right? We start […]

Longarm Machine Renters Quilting Patriotic Quilts for Vets

Quilting Patriotic Quilts

I’ve said many times that quilters are some of the most generous people in the world. Giving a quilt is such an act of love. When someone wraps up in a quilt, they’re enveloped in the warmth of our love. Running a longarm machine rental studio allows me to see so many quilts made for […]

Video Tutorial: How to Quilt the Lazy Daisy Border

Video Tutorial How to Quilt the Lazy Daisy Border

Who doesn’t love a sweet daisy design? They’re super easy to quilt and they look so cute! In my latest video tutorial for APQS I’m showing you how to quilt the Lazy Daisy border design. Take a look at the video below. Sweet, easy, and cute! The Lazy Daisy is a great free motion design […]

Unusual Shapes Make Charming Quilt Tops

The thing about quilting, is that it’s all about shapes. I know I have spoken on this many times, but there is no way around it. A quilt is made up of shapes, colors, and 2 dimensional line designs in the quilting. While the largest majority of quilts consist of standard shapes like the square […]

Itty Bitty Pieces Make Spectacular Quilt Tops

Dennis shows off his bright primary colored Pinwheel Block Quilt

The following longarm machine renters created quilts using itty bitty little pieces. It can take a lot of time to piece a quilt. Using larger pieces can cut some of that time out. But the result of all those little pieces is amazing! Judy works with itty bitty pieces Judy made these sweet little quilts […]

Learn How to Free Motion Quilt on a Longarm in My Upcoming Class

Quilted Joy Freemotion quilting class

Love quilting with a longarm machine? Are pantographs your jam, but you’re ready to branch out a little? Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start! Learn the basics of free motion quilting on a longarm machine during my Breaking into Free Motion class! In this class we’ll spend a relaxing afternoon quilting […]

Video Tutorial: How to Quilt a Curled Scallops Border

If you’re looking for a fun border design, check out my latest video tutorial for APQS. In this video, I’ll show you how to quilt a Curled Scallops Border design. Take a look at the video below! Doesn’t that design remind you of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? He’s inviting us to be his […]

Applique By Our Longarm Machine Renters Will Blow Your Mind

Valerie's Original Applique Whale Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

A skill that every quilter should at least try, if not master, is applique. While it has its own inherent challenges, it can allow you to do so many cute and interesting things that you would ordinarily not be able to do as easily. And in many cases, it is just the easier route compared […]

Continuous Curves for Free Motion Machine Quilting Squares and Triangles

Continuous Curves or Line Dancing Quilting Design on a Big North Star Quilt

Some of the most common shapes in quilting are squares and triangles. If you want to free motion quilt on a longarm quilting machine or a regular sewing machine, you need to be prepared to take on those shapes. One way to handle them is with a gentle curve that is reminiscent of what hand […]

Free Motion Quilting is Fun for our Renters

Of all the different ways to quilt, free motion quilting is fun for our longarm quilting machine renters. You decide what the design will be and make your vision come to life.

There are a variety of different ways to quilt a quilt. First, you can use a design board or groovy board which is a board with grooves carved into it that guides the long arm with a stylus. Then there are paper pantographs, which are long pieces of paper with a design you follow with […]

My Ribbon Winning Quilts from the Kentucky State Fair 2018!

Angela Huffman Best Machine Quilting Award

I love the fair. Seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fair. Growing up, my family and I would go to the fair 4-5 times each year. There is so much to love about the Kentucky State Fair but my favorite thing was always the QUILTS!! I haven’t entered in a number of years but this year […]

Video Tutorial: Daffodils Quilting Design

image of Video Tutorial: How to Quilt The Daffodils Border

If you’re looking for a sweet floral design for your next baby quilt, you’ll love the Daffodils quilting design! In my latest video tutorial for APQS I’ll walk you through the steps to quilt this adorable little design. I quilted my daffodils in a 2 inch border or sashing space. If you’re quilting this in […]

Three Fabulous Jelly Roll Quilts from our Longarm Renters

Kathleen displays her Jelly Roll Race Quilt with red, white, and blue nautical themed fabrics at Quilted Joy after her longarm quilting machine rental

Precut fabrics can be a lot of fun and a fast and easy way to add to your stash or make a gift. Jelly rolls in particular are great for beginner quilters or more experienced quilters looking for a quick project. There are lots of fun ways to play with those 2.5″ x 44″ fabric strips. […]

Video Tutorial: Daisy Love

Learn how to quilt the Daisy Love Edge to Edge machine quilting design in this free motion machine quilting video tutorial from Angela Huffman and APQS.

In my last video tutorial I showed you how to quilt the Daisy Brambles design. In this video tutorial we’re going to start with that same daisy motif and add a sweet heart to it. This design is so romantic and delicate, I think it would look perfect on a wedding quilt or a baby […]

Animal Inspired Renter Quilts!

Rebecca's Appliqued Owls quilt

We are always talking about the different shapes that make up quilt blocks. Squares, triangles, rectangles, even hexagons can be combined in a variety of ways to create tops of wonder to the eye. But besides sewing blocks with shapes, you can have a lot of fun with applique as well. Now not all of […]

Video Tutorial: Daisy Brambles

Learn how to quilt the Daisy Brambles free motion quilting design in the latest video tutorial from Quilted Joy and APQS. This design is super cute and easy to quilt!

You guys are really going to love this super cute quilting design I have for you in my latest video tutorial for APQS. I’m calling this edge to edge design Daisy Brambles. It has adorable daisies with a little curly cue branching off from them. It’s flowy, fun, and very romantic. Take a look and […]