Tina’s Floral Cross Stitch Quilt is Finally Quilted!

How long do your quilts wait to be quilted? Tina's floral cross stitch quilt waited 40 years to be quilted. We finally gave her quilt its day to shine!

What’s the longest you’ve had a quilt wait to be quilted? 10 years? 20 years? How about almost 40 years? Tina said she bought this cross stitch quilt kit back in the 1970s and started working through the cross stitch, but then life got in the way. Since then, it’s been stored in boxes and […]

Marjorie’s Cross-Stitch Quilt

Cross Stitch Quilt

  Every so often, a customer brings me a stamped cross-stitch top to quilt. These quilts often have been sitting in closets for years, waiting for attention, and it’s time to give them the love they deserve! Marjorie’s top was 100″ by 100″ with the more recently added borders. She was so delighted to get […]