Holly’s Black and White Mid Century Modern Quilt

Holly's Black and White Quilt inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design, quilted by Angela Huffman

When we think of Mid Century Modern a lot of things can come to mind. Architecture, of course, had a very lasting impression on our current landscape. Mid century furniture, built between the 30’s to the 60’s, also is something that we readily recognize. How about the use of color and shape? High contrast use of black and […]

Fabric Choice Can Really Make a Quilt

Joanne's Under the Sea Fishes Quilt, longarm quilting by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

The pattern of a quilt is important. There is no question there. But the importance of fabric choice should not be over looked. It can set the tone and character of a quilt. It is possible to take one quilt pattern and make two very different quilts with it. Because the choice of fabric will […]