Split Easy Patch Quilt by Ali

Ali's Split Easy Quilt, longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

I love Ali’s black and white split easy patch quilt. She dropped off this quilt at the shop for us to longarm quilt it and the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to have one just like it for myself. According to her, you don’t want to make one. All those little pieces were very […]

Mesmerizing Two Color Quilts

Karen shows off her snail trail quilt after longarm quilting it at Quilted Joy

Every year the Kentucky State Fair chooses to highlight a particular category of quilt. The style they choose is then its own category for the fair. In 2019 the category was two color quilts. There is something mesmerizing about many of these two color quilts. They are beautiful in their simplicity and intriguing in their complexity. […]

Holly’s Black and White Mid Century Modern Quilt

Holly's Black and White Quilt inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design, quilted by Angela Huffman

When we think of Mid Century Modern a lot of things can come to mind. Architecture, of course, had a very lasting impression on our current landscape. Mid century furniture, built between the 30’s to the 60’s, also is something that we readily recognize. How about the use of color and shape? High contrast use of black and […]

Deborah’s High Contrast Extra-large Star Flower Quilt

Deborah High Contrast Star Flower Quilt

There is nothing more striking than a high contrast quilt. This is when you combine two colors that are vastly different to create a design with very clean lines. You might see color combos like white and red, or white and navy blue. They tend to be bold designs. As beautiful as they are, they […]

Susan’s Starburst Quilt

Starburst Quilt

How fun is Susan’s Starburst quilt? This looks like one of Jenny Doan’s tutorials for Missouri Star Quilt company, and I can see why Susan wanted to make the quilt. Not only was it going to be fun to make, but it looks amazing! Picking a thread color was going to be a little challenging […]