Anita’s Tessellating Pinwheel Variation

Take a look at Anita's quilt with tessellating pinwheel blocks. She asked me to quilt this with a swirly edge to edge design to mimic the motion in her top.

Have you ever owned something that needed a cover or container and then you found one you had for something else and it fits perfectly? Isn’t that the most satisfying feeling? Tessellations always make me feel the same way. A pattern, especially a complicated one, that fits so snuggly with itself that no gaps and […]

Playful and Colorful Renter Quilts!

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

A lot of quilts come into this studio, but what really gets everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” tends to be bright and colorful quilts. What can I say, I love color! Quilts are excellent spaces to explore and use color to the extreme. These quilts were chosen for this post because the quilters had some fun […]

Pretty as a Picture

Judy's University of Louisville quilt featuring a Fleur De Lys and the UofL Cardinal. She custom quilted this beauty at Quilted Joy.

When we think of quilts we often think of shapes being manipulated into interesting designs that don’t necessarily look like anything, they just look interesting. These quilters created things that you can actually recognize. And they are beautiful! Erin made this quilt called Halloween Haberdashery. Erin is a local blogger, houseonhillroad.com and the quilt was […]

Butterflies, Dogs, and Cats, Oh My!

Colleen quilted her Elizabeth Hartman Dogs in Sweaters quilt at Quilted Joy.

Images in nature are beautiful and common themes to include in artwork. Flowers, vines, and trees often make it to a quilt top. But there is more than just flora out there. Let’s not forget the fauna. Carol made this Strip Butterflies Quilt with batik fabrics. The butterflies are so colorful. The colorful border ties […]

Judy’s Batik Pinwheels

Judy brought me this beautiful quilt with pinwheel blocks and concentric squares made of beautiful batik fabrics. This was calling for a lovely pantograph with lots of movement.

Last week we looked at Judy’s beautiful One Block Wonder Quilt. Today I have another quilt from Judy. Take a look! Don’t you love those batiks? They’re just so yummy! I’m not sure what the quilt pattern is. I love how the white fabrics really set apart the pinwheels and the squares in a square. […]

Arlene’s Strippy Double Diamonds, Take Two!

Strippy Double Diamonds

A couple of years ago, Arlene brought in a top for quilting that I blogged about here. I love colorful quilts, especially when they’re made of batik fabrics, and Arlene brings in some beautiful ones! Here is another Strippy Double Diamonds, but in a different color scheme and without the borders. Why didn’t Arlene add […]

A Blooming Nine-Patch!

Blooming Nine Patch

One of Ali’s friends persuaded her recently to try quilting, and now she’s hooked! She fell in love with the blooming nine-patch design, bought the book, and gave it a try. We love the results! Because she wasn’t ready to quilt a quilt this size on her domestic machine, Ali brought it to Quilted Joy for […]

A Gorgeous Collection of Purples!

Gorgeous Purple batiks quilt

Wow!  Pamela brought in this gorgeous purple quilt for me to quilt a few weeks ago. Pamela is a dyer, but these are all commercial fabrics – almost all of them batiks.  Does she have an amazing stash or did she have an epic purple shopping trip?  Either way, the variety of purples, from a light lavender to a […]

Tessellating Shapes Quilt

Susan's quilt is a tessellating design made entirely of batiks. I quilted it with a neutral thread that blends well and a meandering design. Fun!

Here is a contemporary quilt that I recently quilted for Susan.  This is an interesting design because each block is a tessellation.   A tessellation is a shape which interlocks with itself when turned different ways.  According to the rules, it cannot be a square, and in this case, the shapes are kind of like […]

What a Gorgeous New York Beauty!

Susan, a customer, brought this gorgeous New York Beauty quilt to me for edge-to-edge quilting. It is a spectacular quilt well worth a second look.

Susan recently made this gorgeous New York Beauty top for her granddaughter and asked me to quilt it for her.  It’s such a beautiful quilt and there’s so much to learn from this one! First of all, the blocks are New York Beauty blocks done in a couple of different sizes.  This involves a combination of foundation […]

Postage Stamps, Anyone?

Angela Huffman quilted this batik postage stamp beauty for Karen. She used the Baptist fan design with Glide thread for a traditional look

Quilters who love batiks often say that they coordinate with each other beautifully, and here’s a great example!  Karen created this lovely postage stamp quilt from her extensive collection of batik scraps.  If you hadn’t already guessed by looking at her work, Karen loves both batiks and bright colors. A whole lot of love went into the construction of […]

Paula’s Once Around the Block Quilt

Paula's quilt Once Around the Block, quilted by Angela Huffman

Look at all those vibrant batiks in Paula’s quilt! As an admitted batik addict, this quilt just makes me smile. 🙂 Paula made this quilt from the “Once Around the Block” pattern featured in an issue of Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts. The bright colors paired with all the rectangles makes this quilt eye catching. […]

Mary Jo’s Blooming Nine Patch

Mary Jo's Blooming Nine Patch, with edge to edge quilting by Angela Huffman

Mary Jo’s blooming nine patch quilt is a really stunner! While it was draped over the Lenni waiting for Mary Jo to pick it up, it was getting a constant stream of compliments from our customers. Mary Jo said she loves loose, circular patterns for her quilting. We also thought her beautiful batiks wanted something […]

Rebecca’s Coneflower Batik quilt

Rebecca’s Quilt is a one of those quilts that just makes me happy. I think it is the hot pink batik in it. Can you see the flange just before the outside border? It really adds a nice dimension to the overall design. Of course, I stayed off the flange so it could be all […]