Progress on the big ol’ basket quilt

I’m slowly making progress on the BIG basket quilt. You’ll see that I’ve got curling ribbons coming out from the base of the basket which encircle the block and cross over into the setting square just a bit. The setting squares have fluer de lis motifs in them to represent Louisville. Our city was named […]

Up Next: Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

The next quilt mounted on the frame is a GIANT 117″ square basket quilt. This one is custom too so it will take me a very long time. An interesting aspect of this quilt is that the basket blocks share the same background fabric as the setting blocks with no sashing. So, the baskets are […]

Kathy’s Dresden Plate and Basket Quilt

In the past two posts, here and here, I’ve encouraged you to try to think of the quilting motifs you’d select for Kathy’s custom quilt. I’ve also shown you some of the mock up drawings I did in the computer to try to visualize my designs. Well, the quilt is all finished and I wanted […]

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