Colorful Quilts to Brighten Your Day

Tina's Rainbow Bargello Quilt

Have you ever noticed that your mood can actually change based on the colors you look at? There is actually a field of study called Color Psychology that looks into this exact thing. With all the gloom and craziness that this year has been, let’s look at some high energy, happy and colorful quilts to take us […]

Bargello Quilt by Kathleen

Kathleen's Bargello quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

Have you ever wondered where some designs come from and how they were named? I do sometimes. It helps me remember the name if nothing else. Bargello actually started as a needlepoint style also known as Florentine, Flame, or Hungarian Point. An early example is on chairs in the Bargello Museum in Florence, Italy, hence the […]

The Use of Hearts in Quilting by our Longarm Machine Renters

Colleen's Hearts Quilt after her longarm machine rental at Quilted Joy

Have you ever looked and critically thought about the heart shape? Honestly, it doesn’t much look like an actual heart. I read once that the heart shape may have actually started as a leaf shape bringing to mind life and renewal. Regardless of where it comes from and what it initially meant, the heart is […]

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