Harry Potter Quilt by Terry

Harry Potter Baby Quilt, quilted by Quilted Joy

Expecto Patronum! Someone is expecto…ing a baby! We all have that one story, that one book or movie that sums up our childhood. And it can be so much fun introducing the next generation to those stories, especially if they are books. We want to inspire the next generation to read. I’m afraid that I’m old enough […]

We’re All Seeing Stars

XL Star Quilt after longarm quilting

There are many motifs and themes I see repeated in the quilts my longarm renters bring into the shop – hearts, leaves, flowers. But stars seems to reappear more than any other image. Quilters love to incorporate stars into their quilts through the piecing. And others are seeing stars in their quilting designs. No matter […]

Our Longarm Renters Quilted Simple Whole Cloth Quilts

Free Motion Fantasy Fabric quilted with a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

Most of the quilts brought in by our longarm machine renters are exactly what you’d expect: pieced beauties ready for quilting. But sometimes renters bring in simple whole cloth quilts with no piecing at all. Now these quilts aren’t what some might consider a “true whole cloth quilt” because the fabrics aren’t solid colors and […]

Focal Fabric Can Really Stand Out As A block in your Quilt

Colleen shows off her Disney Princesses Quilt after renting a longarm machine at Quilted Joy

I think it is safe to say that most quilters are fabric lovers. We tend to collect stashes and buy fabrics in large quantities simply because they are beautiful. Admit it. We’re fabri-holics. Sometimes we find that one piece that just really speaks to you, and it inspires you to create something truly amazing. The […]

Sometimes Straight Line Quilting is all it Takes

Rinse & Repeat Quilt Featuring lots of Straight Line Quilting

The number of designs available to put on a quilt is infinite. There are thousands of professional designs for sale as paper pantographs. If you can draw it, you can quilt it. However, all designs are not equal. Some are tighter and denser than others, while others are open and barely quilted at all. Some […]

How to Quilt Twin Tulips – Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Twin Tulips Quilting Design

Are you ready for a new longarm quilting video tutorial? You may remember the last video showing how to quilt the Daffodils design (if you need a refresher, click here to watch the video again). My newest design, called Twin Tulips, is a variation of those simple elements. Check out the video below. In the […]

Video Tutorial: Daffodils Quilting Design

image of Video Tutorial: How to Quilt The Daffodils Border

If you’re looking for a sweet floral design for your next baby quilt, you’ll love the Daffodils quilting design! In my latest video tutorial for APQS I’ll walk you through the steps to quilt this adorable little design. I quilted my daffodils in a 2 inch border or sashing space. If you’re quilting this in […]

Playful and Colorful Renter Quilts!

Judy's Off Centered Around the World Quilt made with half square triangles, quilted at Quilted Joy

A lot of quilts come into this studio, but what really gets everyone “oohing” and “ahhing” tends to be bright and colorful quilts. What can I say, I love color! Quilts are excellent spaces to explore and use color to the extreme. These quilts were chosen for this post because the quilters had some fun […]

Painting with Fabric

Debbie's paper pieced Animals quilt with blocks from Quiet Play Designs

Art can be made with a variety of mediums. Besides oil paints and watercolors, an artist can use tile, glass, metal, wood, or fabric. These following examples are quilts created by our renters, and they are real works of arts! Nancy and Mary are sisters who come in to quilt together. Standing at the machine […]

Peggy’s To the Moon and Back Baby Quilt

Peggy found the perfect fabric panel for her baby quilt with cute little animals and the phrase, "I love you to the moon and back." See how Angela quilted this adorable little quilt!

There are so many adorable panels available that are perfect for a baby quilt, and sometimes you don’t need to make a heavily pieced quilt for baby. This is Peggy’s baby quilt, and isn’t it adorable? It’s a quilt panel themed after the saying “I love to the moon and back.” The little owls, sheep, […]

For the Boys

Judy made this incredible Nashville Predators quilt for her son. Such an amazing quilt!

Girls can be so easy to quilt for. Floral patterns, pink and purple fabrics, as well as blues and geometrics, everything works for a girl’s room. But what to do for the boys? Here are a couple of beautiful masculine quilt designs that these boys are really going to love! Judy’s son is a huge […]

Anita’s Sunny Skies Quilt

Anita took the Sunny Skies Quilt pattern and made it her own! She brought this super cute scrappy quilt to Angela Huffman for some simple meander quilting.

Take a look at Anita’s super cute quilt! This looks a lot like Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s Sunny Skies quilt, but Anita mixed it up a little. Instead of squares in the background arranged like a checkerboard, she made big squares in a square on point expanding out to the border. Doesn’t it create a […]

Three Ways to Go

How fun is Judy's Pins and Paws quilt? She quilted it with a bubbles design board at Quilted Joy

There is never just one way to do something right, especially with artistic endeavors. Multiple choices should be seen as multiple opportunities to try something new. With longarm quilting there are so many choices to be made like thread, color, density, and design. In fact, our renters have three different ways to quilt their quilts. […]

Renter Comfort

Our renters bring in such a wide variety of projects to quilt! Learn how our machines are able to accommodate a wide variety of physical needs.

Here’s what our renters have been doing recently… Rena came in for her longarm certification class and quilted this keepsake quilt for a friend.  The friend assembled clothing that she had purchased for her grandchildren into a very creative top.  Don’t you just love the caterpillars made from round scraps?  Bibs and shirts and socks […]

Our Renters Try Curves and Spirals

See what our renters have been up to lately! From curvy feathers to continuous spirals, they demonstrate lots of ways to add motion to quilts!

We love our renters – they make studio time so much fun! Helen came in for her rental certification.  She brought in a small version of a jelly roll race quilt, made with 2 1/2″ strips.  As part of the rental certification, we teach you how to use a pantograph or design board as you […]

Keeping It Simple

In the latest post about Quilted Joy's renters, we see some ladies who keep their quilting simple to let the piecing shine

After spending hours cutting fabric and piecing it together, sometimes my renters don’t want the quilting to be the star. Or sometimes they’re on a time limit and just need something quick and easy. Read on for a few different ways folks have kept their quilting simple! I love, love, love this baby quilt Colleen worked on […]

Some Baby Quilt Fun

The latest update on Quilted Joy's renters features lots of baby quilts and some fun gifts!

There must have been something in the air because we had several baby quilts coming through the showroom. She made this cute gingham inspired quilt top for a friend using only three colors. Donna says she hates cutting and now that she knows about our AccuQuilt die cutter, she says she won’t make a quilt […]

Our Renters Are Trying New Things

Renters at Quilted Joy always have great ideas, bold choices, and beautiful quilts. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone makes for the best results. QuiltedJoy.com

DeAnna and Angela are both new quilters, new members of the Nimble Thimbles guild (that I’m also a member of), they’re both working on charity quilts, and they’re both taking their rental certification class. The kicker? They didn’t sign up to take the class together! It really is a small world, isn’t it? The quilts […]

Quilting Friends Come Together at Quilted Joy

Four friends joined us in the Quilted Joy showroom to take their rental certification class together - QuiltedJoy.com

We had a group of four friends drive all the way from Bardstown, KY to take their rental certification together. This meant we had a full house with almost every machine running! Normally I won’t have this many quilters in for the certification. I learned pretty quickly that with all the new skills we’re covering, […]

Embroidered Bunnies Baby Quilt

Embroidered Bunnies Baby Quilt with custom quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.com

There have been some super adorable baby quilts coming through the shop lately between our renters and customers. This little bunnies quilt from Lillian is probably one of the cutest! Lillian made this quilt for one of her grandchildren. She embroidered little bunnies into each block and added some fun sayings like “Somebunnys napping” and […]

Embroidered Baby Quilt

Have you ever made a special baby quilt for a precious little angel? I think baby quilts are my favorite things to work on. There is so much hope, joy, and love wrapped up in a baby quilt. This one was made for a new granddaughter of a customer of mine. She wanted to wait […]

Modified Rail Fence Baby Quilt with Hockey Fabric

Apparently hockey is growing in popularity here in Louisville but I’m sure we have a long way to go before it becomes as popular as it is up north. This is my first hockey themed baby quilt brought to me by a customer. The pattern is a modified rail fence and since the outer border […]

Karin’s Madeira Heart Baby Quilt

Karin took a Madeira Heart applique class and made this beautiful baby quilt for her granddaughter. She is a new quilter and took this class over at one of my local quilt shop gems, The Smocking Shop from one of my favorite teachers, Karen Fox. She was working on the piecing while at the sewing […]

Lois Made a Five Little Monkies Quilt

Lois brought me this cute little Five Little Monkies quilt. I’ve done a few quilts for customers with this theme and this variation is yet another one that makes me want to get to know my embroidery machine better. Many times, my clients aren’t sure exactly what kind of quilting they’d like to have on […]