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    When you’re quilting a quilt the last thing you want to do is stop and wind bobbins. Magna-Glide bobbins allow you to focus on what you love – quilting! Magna-Glide bobbins are pre-wound bobbins from Fil-tec using¬†Glide thread, the 40 weight polyester thread you already know and trust, wrapped around their patented magnetic-core. The magnetic core snaps right into your bobbin case. This creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin because the bobbin won’t wobble. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. The magnetic-core prevents backlash or over spin and eliminates the need for backlash springs. Magna-Glide bobbins are produced using the top Glide colors which gives you a perfect match on the bottom and top of every quilt you stitch.

    Every L sized bobbin contains 72 yards of thread. Every M sized bobbin contains 132 yards of thread.

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