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Are you really a quilter if you don’t have a love affair with quilt fabric? Here at Quilted Joy we have a huge selection of quilter’s cotton fabrics and the perfect wide fabrics for quilt backings. The perfect backing fabric doesn’t need to require lots of seams. We have more than one hundred 108″ wide fabrics available in a variety of colors and prints. The days of shopping for wide backs and only finding solid colors are gone. Now you’ll find wide fabric with bright floral prints, polka dots, and even batiks! You can also find the perfect backing for a snuggle quilt with the luscious cuddle fabrics. We love these fabrics for baby quilts and throws on the couch. But be warned, if you use these fabrics you’re family might start fighting for their favorite quilts! We also carry a selection of quilter’s cotton 42″ width fabric. These quilt fabrics are beautiful in their simplicity and will be at home as the sashing of a T-shirt quilt.