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    Forget what you thought you knew about Invisible thread! The modern invisible thread, or monofilament thread, is soft, thin, and blends beautifully into your quilt tops. It is available in two different colors: clear and smoke. There will be a perfect color monofilament thread no matter what color your quilt is! You’ll love how forgiving these threads are for stitch in the ditch and quilting around applique. Invisible threads will blend right into your quilt and won’t catch your eye. We love using invisible thread to outline applique shapes because it will add an extra dimension to those shapes. Quilted Joy carries polyester and nylon monofilament threads. Poly monofilament threads are very strong and won’t yellow over time. These threads are ideal for utility quilts. Nylon monofilament threads are incredibly thin and won’t catch the light. They are perfect for quilting around applique because they won’t draw the eye. Just remember that nylon thread has a low melting point. You don’t want to expose them to heat or an iron!

    If you’re looking for a polyester invisible thread, try Monopoly. We also have pre-wound monopoly bobbins!

    If you’re looking for a nylon invisible thread, try Essence.

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