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    The Bobbin Line thread is a versatile quilting and embroidery thread. It is a 60 weight polyester thread meaning it’s super skinny but and also quite forgiving. Bobbin Line is made from the same strong tenacity polyester filament yarn as other Fil-Tec bobbin products such as Magna-Glide. This provides uniform tension control throughout the spool. This makes it perfect for winding your own bobbins. Because Bobbin Line is a 60 weight thread you’ll be able to load much more thread onto the bobbin core. This means you’ll have fewer bobbin changes while you’re quilting!

    Use this thread as the bobbin to your favorite top threads, like Glide. Or try using it as a top thread! It’s fine size makes it ideal for detailed stitching such as lettering, micro-stippling, McTavishing, formal feathers, and any motifs that require a lot of backtracking or thread build up.

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