Whisper Weave Too Ice Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: 13610-05
From the Whisper Weave Collection by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex
100% cotton, Approximately 4″ wide
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In a realm where imagination dances with reality, there exists a fabric born from the ethereal whispers of enchanted weavers. It is known as “Whisper Weave Too Ice,” a bewitching creation crafted by the visionary Nancy Halverson of Benartex. This mystical textile unfurls like an icy cascade, its threads sparkling with an otherworldly brilliance. As the 100% cotton fabric yardage unfurls, one is transported to a winter wonderland, where the snowflakes seem to pirouette in harmony with the wind’s gentle breath. Delicate as a snowflake’s kiss, the light blue fabric shimmers with a hint of moonlit enchantment, whispering secrets of frost-kissed dreams. Its icy hue glows with an inner luminescence, evoking the essence of magic itself. Each touch reveals a softness that rivals the caress of a snowflake’s touch, bewitching the senses and weaving a tapestry of wonder and delight.

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