Wave Texture Paprika Fabric Yardage

$11.99 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: 2966-79
Part of the Wave Texture Collection by Jackie Robinson for Benartex
100% cotton, Approximately 44″ wide
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Welcome to a world of spicy enchantment, where the Paprika Fabric Yardage from the Wave Texture Collection, a marvelous creation by the visionary Jackie Robinson for Benartex, ignites a symphony of fiery delights. Like a flamenco dancer twirling across a vibrant stage, this print swirls with captivating waves, painting a whimsical tale in hues of deep paprika. Each wave carries the essence of adventure and passion, evoking the warmth of a blazing sunset and the sizzle of exotic spices. It’s as if a magical spice bazaar has come alive, infusing your projects with a zestful energy and an irresistible charm. Let this 100% cotton fabric transport you to faraway lands, where the aroma of paprika fills the air and the rhythm of life pulses with excitement. Embrace its playful waves and let your imagination dance amidst a tapestry of flavor and whimsy.

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