Water’s Edge Scattered Insects Blue Fabric Yardage

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Item #: 26712-49
Part of the Water’s Edge Collection by Brett Lewis for Northcott Studios
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In the realm where dreams intertwine with reality, a tapestry of enchantment unfolds before your eyes. Enter the mystical world of the Water’s Edge Collection, crafted by the visionary hands of Brett Lewis for Northcott. Amongst its ethereal wonders lies the mesmerizing Scattered Insects Blue Fabric Yardage, a spellbinding symphony of nature’s tiny emissaries.

Like whispers from the enchanted forest, delicate butterflies and shimmering dragonflies dance upon a celestial blue canvas, their iridescent wings glistening with otherworldly hues. Each thread weaves a tale of metamorphosis, as the insects flit and flutter, creating a symphony of delicate motion.

Immerse yourself in this magical tapestry, where the 100% cotton fabric becomes a portal to realms unseen. Feel the touch of enchanted wings, the gentle breeze that carries the essence of ancient secrets. Scattered Insects Blue Fabric Yardage invites you to embrace the mystical and bring a touch of ethereal wonder into your own realm of creation.

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