Water’s Edge Crane Blue Fabric Yardage

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Item #: 26710-49
Part of the Water’s Edge Collection by Brett Lewis for Northcott Studios
100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide
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In the realm where the sky meets the water, where tranquility and mystery entwine, the Water’s Edge Collection by the masterful Brett Lewis for Northcott unveils its ethereal treasures. Among them, behold the Crane Blue Fabric Yardage, a glimpse into a world where elegance and enchantment collide. Soft as a whisper, this celestial blue fabric captures the grace of majestic cranes in flight. Delicate feathers unfurl in a ballet of serenity, their ethereal forms swirling amidst swirling mist and moonlit reflections. Each thread is imbued with the ancient wisdom and tranquility of these celestial creatures, their presence evoking a sense of timeless serenity. Step into this enchanted tapestry, where dreams take flight and the spirit soars. Allow the Crane Blue Fabric Yardage to transport you to a realm of wonder, where the ethereal beauty of nature enchants the very 100% cotton fabric of existence. With each stitch, embrace the magic that lies within and weave your own tale of enchantment.

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