Tiny Frights Neon Bolt Glow in the Dark Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: RS5116 12G
Tiny Frights for Ruby Star Society
100% cotton, approximately 42″ inches wide
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In the heart of a mystical realm, where dreams and reality intertwine, there lies a fabric of pure enchantment: Tiny Frights Neon Bolt Glow in the Dark, a marvel brought forth by Ruby Star Society. As the sun sets and darkness embraces the land, this wondrous creation unveils its true powers. Upon a creamy canvas, a dance of electrifying brilliance unfolds—a symphony of neon lightning bolts illuminating the night with an ethereal glow.

Oh, the tales this fabric weaves! It whispers of daring adventures, where fearless hearts ride on waves of luminescent magic. Amongst the stars, tiny creatures emerge from the shadows, infused with the pulsing energy of these bolts, casting their mischievous spell upon all who encounter them. Every stitch captures the essence of dreams, where young hearts are cradled in the comfort of the extraordinary. Step into this magical world, where imagination knows no bounds and the night sky becomes an awe-inspiring tapestry of delight.

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