Tiny Frights Creepy Eyes Black Glow in the Dark Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: RS5120 14G
Tiny Frights for Ruby Star Society
100% cotton, approximately 42″ inches wide
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In the enchanted realm where shadows held secrets and moonbeams whispered tales, a fabric of enchantment emerged from the mystical looms of Ruby Star Society. Known as Tiny Frights Creepy Eyes Black Glow in the Dark, it beckoned the brave-hearted to embark on a journey through the darkest corners of imagination. Against an obsidian backdrop, eerie eyes blinked open, their malevolent gazes piercing the veil of darkness. Squinting in the inky night, they concealed untold mysteries and boundless magic. But as the light waned, a transformation took place. The fabric ignited with an otherworldly luminescence, illuminating the eyes in an ethereal glow. In this nocturnal enchantment, the Creepy Eyes awakened, casting their eerie light upon the curious souls who dared to venture forth. With each yardage, the Tiny Frights Creepy Eyes Black Glow in the Dark whispered secrets of unseen realms, where the shadows held the key to unlocking the extraordinary and the night itself held the power to ignite the imagination.

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