Tiny Frights Bats Natural Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: RS5115 13
Tiny Frights for Ruby Star Society
100% cotton, approximately 42″ inches wide
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In a land where fantasy and reality intertwined, a whimsical fabric known as Tiny Frights Birds Natural Fabric Yardage emerged from the enchanted looms of Ruby Star Society. Against a canvas as soft as a moonlit night, a magical tapestry unfurled. Above, a golden moon shone its gentle light, casting an ethereal glow upon a celestial dance of black bats and shimmering stars. These nocturnal creatures soared, their wings beating in perfect harmony with the nocturnal symphony. Amongst them, intricate trees stood tall, their branches reaching for the heavens, whispering ancient secrets to the night sky. Each yardage held a tale of moonlit whispers and midnight wonders, inviting hearts to wander through enchanted forests and converse with the whimsical creatures that dwelled within. The Tiny Frights Birds Natural Fabric Yardage spun dreams of stargazing adventures and the timeless connection between earth and sky.

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