Tiny Frights Birds and Trees Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: RS5123 11
Tiny Frights for Ruby Star Society
100% cotton, approximately 42″ inches wide
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Once upon a time, in a realm where enchantment thrived, there existed a fabric known as Tiny Frights Birds and Trees Natural, woven by the magical hands of Ruby Star Society. Against a canvas as soft as the moon’s embrace, a mesmerizing tapestry unfolded. Gold trees stretched their branches towards the heavens, their leaves shimmering like stardust, welcoming the twilight hours. Perched upon these celestial sentinels, ebony crows took their place, their eyes sparkling with wisdom beyond measure. With every stitch, the fabric whispered ancient tales of moonlit conversations and secrets shared between night and day. Stars twinkled above, illuminating the delicate dance between darkness and light. Each yardage held the promise of wondrous adventures, where shadows held secrets and the songs of night echoed through the enchanted forests. The Tiny Frights Birds and Trees Natural beckoned all dreamers to unfurl their imagination and dance beneath the moonlit sky.

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