Space Dye Wovens Navy Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: W90830-45

Space Dye Wovens Collection for Figo Studios

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Space Dye Wovens Navy Fabric Yardage by Figo Studio is a celestial ballet frozen in textile form, where threads intertwine in a dance of sky and navy hues. The fabric is a canvas of ethereal beauty, capturing the essence of expansive skies and the deep mystique of midnight waters. The sky colors mirror the vastness of open horizons, while the navy tones embody the enigmatic depths of cosmic oceans. Each thread carries the poetry of celestial journeys, stitching together a wearable tapestry of elegance. Figo Studio’s artistry transforms this yardage into a sartorial masterpiece, inviting you to enrobe yourself in the serenity of Sky Navy—a harmonious fusion of celestial blues and the profound allure of midnight, a fabric that whispers the secrets of the cosmos with every graceful drape. Does the song ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ come to mind when looking at this fabric?

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