Space Dye Wovens Green Fabric Yardage

$13.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: W90830-74

Space Dye Wovens Collection for Figo Studios

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Space Dye Wovens Green Fabric Yardage by Figo Studio unfolds as a verdant symphony, a lush panorama where threads interweave in the mesmerizing hues of green and brighter green. The fabric is a living canvas of nature’s exuberance, capturing the essence of flourishing landscapes and the vibrant vitality of sunlit foliage. The richer greens echo the depth of forested realms, while the brighter greens burst forth like beams of sunlight filtering through emerald leaves. Each thread carries the poetry of an enchanting woodland, creating a wearable ode to the harmonious dance between shadows and light. Figo Studio’s artistry transforms this yardage into a sartorial masterpiece, inviting you to adorn yourself in the ethereal beauty of green—a fusion of lush tones and the vivid vibrancy of nature’s kaleidoscope, a fabric that beckons you into the heart of a thriving, radiant forest.

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