Space Dye Wovens Cocoa Fabric Yardage

$13.49 Per Yard

Item/ Color #: W90830-36

Space Dye Wovens Collection for Figo Studios

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Space Dye Wovens Cocoa Fabric Yardage by Figo Studio is a captivating journey into the sublime, where threads of desert and cocoa intertwine to weave a tapestry of sensory delight. The fabric encapsulates the mystique of sunlit dunes, with desert tones echoing the warm embrace of arid landscapes, while cocoa hues evoke the comforting richness of earth. It’s a celestial dance of elegance, where each thread carries the essence of untamed beauty. Figo Studio’s artistry transforms this yardage into a wearable poetry of nature, inviting you to adorn yourself in the ethereal fusion of Desert Cocoa—a harmonious blend of earthy warmth and timeless sophistication. Envelop yourself in the serenity of windswept deserts and the comforting allure of cocoa, a fabric that whispers tales of ancient landscapes and timeless charm. What a yummy color of brown this is!

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