Regeneration Pink Fabric Yardage

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Item/ Color #: RGPK

Part of the Regeneration Collection designed by the Heather Kennedy for M & S Textiles

100% cotton, Approximately 42″ wide

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Heather Kennedy’s “Regeneration Pink Fabric Yardage” from M & S Textiles invites you to a realm where dreams bloom in shades of rosy enchantment. The fabric unfolds like the petals of a magical flower, a delicate symphony of pink hues that resonate with the whispers of fairy tales. Delicate tendrils dance across the fabric, carrying the promise of renewal and the essence of ancient magic. Each thread seems to hold the secrets of a fantastical garden where mythical creatures frolic in the moonlight. Heather Kennedy’s artistic touch transforms the fabric into a portal of ethereal beauty, beckoning you to drape yourself in the soft embrace of nature’s regeneration. This fabric is not merely yardage; it’s a poetic canvas where the magic of pink blossoms in a timeless fairy-tale dance.

Heather Kennedy is a skillful artist, and her works combine vibrant colors. In this artwork she describes Regeneration. After fires, plants regenerate, and the seed pods create new growth which leads to regeneration.

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