Nature Elements Candy Pink Fabric Yardage

$11.49 Per Yard

Item/Color #: NE-114

From the Nature Elements Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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Step into the enchanting tapestry of Nature Elements Candy Pink Fabric Yardage by Art Gallery Fabrics, where a hot pink background serves as the canvas for a whimsical woodland fairy-tale. Delicate leaves, like characters in a magical narrative, dance and twirl with the effervescent energy of woodland sprites, creating an intricate pattern that tells the story of nature’s playfulness. The candy pink hue, as vibrant as the laughter of woodland sprites, sets the stage for a symphony of woodland whimsy. Each leaf, stitched with threads of enchantment, weaves a tale that unfolds like the unfolding petals of an otherworldly bloom. Running your fingers over the fabric is akin to tracing the pathways of ancient magic, where every stitch becomes a chapter in the captivating narrative spun by Nature Elements Candy Pink—a textile that beckons you to dance amidst the leaves and dreams in the embrace of vibrant charm.

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