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Item/ Color #: RBS-MP5140-12

Part of the Melrose Place Collection by RB Studios for Midwest Textiles.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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In a land where textiles held the power to conjure tales of wonder, there emerged a fabric of pure enchantment known as Melrose Place Toile Griss Aqua by RB Studios for Midwest Textiles. Like pages from an ancient storybook, this fabric whispered legends of grace and beauty that captivated hearts far and wide.

Against a backdrop of ethereal aqua green, delicate cream toile weaved its spellbinding tapestry. Every intricate detail seemed to come alive, depicting scenes of a forgotten era where noble knights, fair maidens, and mythical creatures roamed the lands. The motifs danced in harmony, creating a symphony of elegance and charm that transported all who beheld it to a realm of timeless dreams.

Under the starlit skies, Melrose Place Toile Griss Aqua weaved its tale, inviting all to escape into its magical embrace. Each stitch held a secret waiting to be discovered, ensuring that this fabric would forever be cherished in the realms of fairy tales and beyond.

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