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Item/ Color #: RBS-MP5100-35

Part of the Melrose Place Collection by RB Studios for Midwest Textiles.

100% Cotton. Approximately 44″ wide.

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In the enchanted realm of textile wonders, where colors danced and patterns sang, there bloomed a splendid creation known as the Melrose Place Dahlia Bed Cranberry by RB Studios for Midwest Textiles. This ethereal tapestry exuded a magical charm that could enchant even the most stoic of hearts.

Upon a canvas of rich cranberry, a symphony of dahlias unfolded, their petals like velvety dreams illuminated by the moonlight. Each blossom was a portrait of delicate grace, revealing the secrets of a hidden garden. Their colors, a vibrant melody of ruby reds and enchanting pinks, intertwined like a lover’s embrace.

As the stars twinkled above, this mesmerizing print whispered tales of love and beauty, weaving a tapestry of dreams for all who beheld it. With every gentle touch, it seemed to sing a serenade of elegance and wonder, ensuring that Melrose Place Dahlia Bed Cranberry forever remained a cherished treasure in the fabric of fairy tales.

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