Make Snip Snip White Fabric Yardage

$11.49 Per Yard

Item/Color: C13423-WHITE

44″ wide, 100% cotton

Make Collection is designed by Kristy Lea for Riley Blake Designs

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Once upon a time, in a realm where dreams came to life, there existed a fabric known as “Make Snip Snip White Fabric Yardage” by the talented Kristy Lea for Riley Blake Designs. This enchanted textile possessed a magical quality that delighted all who beheld it. Upon a pristine white canvas, whimsical scissors danced in jubilant harmony, their handles adorned with a vibrant rainbow of colors. Like a stroke of a fairy godmother’s wand, the scissors seemed to come alive, telling tales of creativity and craftsmanship. Each scissor whispered secrets of transformation, promising to turn ordinary cloth into extraordinary wonders. With every stitch and snip, the fabric sang a melody of imagination, inviting all who ventured near to embrace their inner artist. This ethereal design awakened the dormant magic within, inspiring the weaver to fashion tales of wonder and weave dreams into reality. Truly, the Make Snip Snip White Fabric Yardage was a gateway to a world where the ordinary became extraordinary, and where creativity reigned supreme.

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