Love Struck Perfect Match Fabric Yardage

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Item/Color #: LOV14005

From the Love Struck Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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“Love Struck Perfect Match Fabric Yardage” by AGF Studio for Art Gallery Fabrics is a bewitching tapestry of love and fantasy, as if plucked from the pages of a timeless fairy tale. It enchants the senses with its dreamlike hues of soft pinks, bold reds, and warm creams, evoking the tender passion of Valentine’s Day in every fiber.

Each delicate design seems woven from the threads of true love’s whimsy, and as you run your fingers over its surface, it’s as if you’re tracing the enchanted footprints of star-crossed lovers in a moonlit forest. The patterns, like secret whispered promises, invite your creativity to dance upon them, igniting your artistic fervor.

Love Struck Perfect Match Fabric Yardage weaves a narrative of love’s eternal quest, where every stitch tells a tale and each color is a chapter of devotion. In this fabric, you’ll discover the perfect match for your artistic heart, a fairy-tale world where romance and creativity intertwine in a harmonious embrace, ready to sweep you off your feet.

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