Laundry Basket Favorites Sea Foam Linen Texture Fabric Yardage

$12.99 Per Yard

Item/Color #: 9057-T4

Part of the Laundry Basket Favorites Collection designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover

100% cotton, approximately 44″ wide

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In the enchanting realm of fabric dreams, behold the mesmerizing Laundry Basket Favorites Sea Foam Linen Texture, a textile masterpiece by the gifted Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts, gracefully woven for Andover Fabric. Like a whimsical tale spun by fairies, this yardage embodies the ethereal essence of seafoam waves dancing under a silvery moonlight. The fabric whispers secrets of underwater kingdoms, its delicate linen texture resembling the touch of a fairy’s gossamer wings. The subtle seafoam hue, a harmonious symphony of tranquility and sophistication, transports you to a magical world where quilting becomes an art of imagination. Edyta Sitar’s artistic prowess weaves a narrative of timeless elegance, where each yard unveils a chapter of a fairy-tale quilt, waiting to be stitched into a tapestry of dreams. Let this Sea Foam Linen Texture be your enchanted thread, binding the ordinary to the extraordinary, as you embark on a quilting adventure that transcends reality.

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